Thursday, September 27, 2007

Timbaland works with Missy & Jay-Z

Finally the news a lot of us have been waiting for: Timbaland is planning on re-uniting with Jay Z for his 2nd single. Timbaland recently told MTV "He wants me to do the next single," Tim said. "He just does it for fun. We talked about [his next album]. He says it's just a hobby, ain't nothing else to do. When a person tells you that, what you supposed to say? 'You crazy'? He said, 'I don't wait for nothing. I'm there. I'm doing it for the love of music.' What am I supposed to say? 'You wack for doing it'? ... Some people think Jay fell off. Or he's just over people's head. I think that's what it is. That's another thing: It could hurt him or it could make him be not the legend he is. That's the only thing I'm scared of for my friend."

If that wasn't enough Tim also is working with Missy on her new album though it won't be the whole thing. "I probably won't do the whole thing 'cause I gotta get my own thing up and poppin'," he said, referring to his Mosley Music Group label. "I can't make [Missy's recording home] Atlantic [Records] money. Nothing personal. We had a time and a crazy run, but I gotta get my own indie label poppin'. I couldn't do the whole thing. I had to do partial and try to oversee it the best way I can for her. But I can't make Atlantic a ton of money and leave Mosley Music with nothing. That don't make logical sense. Missy is my sister, but I got a family: Nelly [Furtado], Keri [Hilson], One Republic. If I don't function, then they don't function and they can't get their careers off."

Tim also talks about his liking of Super Tuesday competitions like the one 50 Cent and Kanye just had. He even talks about the possiblity of going against his "daddy" Dr. Dre. "I gotta go against my daddy," he said Friday from the ABC studios in New York, where the super-producer is filming a guest spot for the soap opera "One Life to Live." "I call [Dr.] Dre my daddy. To make it be some talk, I gotta go against my big brother. He's my big brother. [Who are] the two quarterbacks? Peyton Manning and Eli? When they have to go against each other, it's like, 'Do I really wanna go against my big brother?' Dre is my mentor. That would drive people to the stores. Like, 'Oh snap, Tim and Dre!' That would be big. I asked Jay-Z who he would go against. He said, 'The only person I would go against is my other homeboy: my friend Eminem.' "

Finally some long awaited good news for Timbo fans around the world!


  1. Tim would lose against Dre. Saleswise, not musicwise.

    Nice to see Tim has his priorities straightened out.

  2. WTF?! tim come on now! why is everything about money these days? i mean sure missys label would get A LOT but thats wat the FANS WANT:: A TIMBALAND AND MISSY ALBUM not like five songs =[

  3. I want a Keri, Nelly and OneRepublic album.

    Tim and Missy's time was good..but that was in the past.

  4. musically i dnt think dre has got anything on tim. if dre is the mentor/master then tim surpassed his master and is no longer a student. i agree dat dre will sell more units but i feel tim wud provide the better music

  5. that's it timbo, Mosley Music Group!
    gotta get that train running

  6. i ain't sure why he's callin' dude his mentor either considering their styles are nothing alike. i mean his favorite producer, sure, but that's stretching the definition


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