Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tim disses Just Blaze?

I really hope this isn't true but according to Blaze's blog Timbo had some not so nice words about him:

****You get to a certain point where you look at everything that’s going on within the culture overall. And you get to a certain point where you start to wonder… what happened?

Then you realize it’s not a cultire anymore, it’s a business. Well, it is a culture that has BECOME a business, which is always a gift and a curse.

The curse is starting to get on my nerves.

Or like Timbo The King (who apparently has some not so nice things to say about me in the final Scratch mag, but that’s okay), I’m bored.

Thought I maybe needed to switch it up a bit, so I’m working on some stuff for Jennifer Hudson right now. Cut a few songs, this one record is retarded. If you liked "Throwback", you’ll LOVE this.. some real

classic soul.

(If it makes the cut that is)

Saigon video shoot this weeked, and mastering the rest of the album shortly after.

Looks like they want to do a 4th quarter release after all… serious gamble but that this point, hey….why not.

See you on the other side.

PS. Remember you have never heard me talk about release dates, or even time frames before, so don’t start with the "heard it all before, just put the album out/leak more songs already" nonsense .

‘Cause you’ve never heard anything from me… until now.

More updates and rants in due time, probably sooner than later. Some other things are about to happen.*****

Timbo Vs. Just Blaze? Let's hope not! The last issue of Scratch hasn't hit stands yet but as soon as it does we'll have it up for everyone.


  1. let's not blow things up because then people like luke here come in and start rambling.

  2. luke chill until the mag COMES OUT. lol

  3. who cares man? Just needs a kick anyway, his only hot beat this year's been Tip's "Help Is Coming."

    Timbo vs. the world batches!

  4. Tim needs to STFU
    Just needs to stop playing video games and drop more beats

  5. Why are you guys judging both sides of the "maybe" beef? Timbaland might not have said anything that bad if Just is just brushing it off and acknowledging that he understands why Tim is bored with the game. And Timbo got a right to run his mouth, why else would we dedicate a site to him?

  6. Tim can say whatever he wants cause he can back it up plus he be tellin the truth so iam sure whatever he said about just blaze is true

  7. *Apparently*, word on the street is that Timbaland felt Just Blaze was biting his style on a couple of tracks.

    *Shrugs* I'll tell ya, I'm starting to get a little fed up with all this petty business coming from Tim lately.

  8. yeah the track just did for diddy 'tell me' sounds like sum cheap timbo listen too kicks and snare ...and bout time just cut those dreads off he looked wild homo lol :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @2 & 3: Even if the Just Blaze beef is blown out of proportion Timbo's already had beef with Scott Storch and even Danja and that's what's ridiculous. If this ish is true it just makes it even more annoying...

    And by no stretch am I a Just Blaze fan by the way. I don't think there's one track I've bumped by him. I'm just disagreeing with Timbo on principle.

  11. I didnt know there was a danja beef everytime he opens his mouth he says great things about tim.. anyway...tim should say whatever he wants and he should be able to at least he doesnt say the kinda shit kanye says

  12. You see, this is exactly what you call "blowing things out of proportion." All Timbaland said was that he hadn't heard Britney's latest "Gimme More" song. He also merely stated that he hadn't been hearing people talk about it a great deal. And just because Danja produced it, doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed to say that. It was perfectly reasonable, hardly trash talk.

    Now, how you can call that "beef with Danja" is quite frankly beyond me. Quit jumping the gun, luke.

  13. I agree with you magicpuppy. How did we even get on the suspicion that there is a Timbo/Danja beef in the first place? Just because Tim hasn't heard "Gimme More"? Tim is the most in-demand producer in the game and now there's a beef between him and his best in-house producer because he hasn't heard one of his songs? Do you know how much stuff Tim listens to? If he isn't working on new projects, he's probably listening to stuff he WANTS to listen to. Not stuff he HAS to listen to just because Danja produced it. And by the way, Scott Storch is a dumbass anyways so he deserved to get massacred by Tim and D.O.E. Tim has let stuff slide before, but now he has a right to get at whoever wants trouble, including Scott Storch.

  14. Luke u sound like a str8 fool... Tim is not beefing wit anybody... you obviously don't know how to read.

    Scoot Storch - In the new Scratch he talks about how they are still boys.

    Danja - He never said anything bad about him he just said he wasn't feeling gimmie more.

    Just Blaze - C'mon we don't even know what Tim said. Just blaze is probably blowing things out of proportion to the fact that he tends to be ridiculously dramatic at times.

  15. I agree tim and danja dont have beef stupid to think so. I doubt he said anything bad about just, he and kanye have almost the same styles of production and tim is a fan of ye.

  16. Sorry, but "Tell Me" is way hotter than a great deal of Timbo's tracks lately.


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