Monday, September 3, 2007

Think you had enough Britney & Danja?

Well we have more for you! I know I know Boogie this isn't a Britney site but this is a Timbaland and affliliates site so we have to give shine where it's deserved and Danja is the man of the hour right now as is another mysterious guest. Here are 2 more tracks produced by Danja. They are reportedly demos from 2005 but that is yet to be 100% confirmed:

"Got Me High"

"Break The Ice"

Now everywhere else on the net you will see a track labeled as "Been A While" but only here on The Chronicles will we give you the real deal. The track is really called "Break The Ice" and who is that mysterious guest singer in the background? You guessed it none other than my man Jim Beanz. Beanz strikes again!

Both tracks are dope in my opinion but the one that really stands out is "Got Me High." The chorus is sick and girl can bring some sexy to any track. Is Britney back? I'd say so and it's great to see Danja being the one to bring her back. You can bet his star is only going to get brighter from this project.

The word is still out on if Danja produced "Cold As Fire" (The Yeah Song). I agree with anyone who says Danja produced it but as I posted, MTV reported that T Pain "knocked out" 3 tracks with Britney inclduing "Cold As Fire." Does "knocked out" mean produced? I would think so but maybe it does mean wrote or vocally produced. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

What do you all think of the new tracks? Big props to Fonky!


  1. "Break The Ice" def sounds like Danja, it sounds like "We Takin' Over " Part 2.

  2. That's true... there's a lot of similitude in the beat with "We takin over". Jim Beanz sounds like he sounds in Bombay

  3. First off Tim said Danja had a bright future and may one day eclipse him. Danja himself said he won't stop working with Tim anytime soon.

    I personally feel like Danja is doing "alright" so far. The beats from Brittney's album have been "alright". But honestly I'm not feeling the "production" of her as the artist. It doesn't feel passionate it has hardly no real feeling.

    Lastly call me a tru Tim stan but to me Danja is not at a point right now where he can aford to have a Part 2 of any song he's made (by himself). So Hell yea Break The Ice sounding like We Taking Over ain't a good look homie.

    Wit dat said Danja keep grinding, doing your thing and growing. Can't wait to see you reach your potential.

  4. At first listen, these tracks sound unfinished to me. And they are far from reaching their potential because Britney simply CAN'T SING! I'm thinking this music would sound at least a letter grade better with a different singer.

  5. Yeah, these beats are just wasted on Britney, and it seems Danja's so determined to believe otherwise.

    And hey, it's not like Tim hasn't bit his own style before. Remember Jay-Z's "It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)" track? Tim took the exact same beat and used it for one of Kiley Dean's songs. 10/10 for creativity, you say?

    Not quite sure what my feelings are on these two songs. I think it's mainly about me coming to accept Britney's horrendous voice. Seriously, I've half the mind to just go with the instrumentals.

  6. I think if Keri was singing these songs ya'll would be ALL on the nuts. This whole Danja and Britney collabo
    thing is BEAUTIFUL. I haven't heard 1 bad song yet

  7. Danja had to produced Cold as fire after hearing break the ice. They both have the same drums. Listen to Kix, Snare and Open Hihat... they are identical.

  8. I like Danja, but the only thing that confuses people is that they're not sure where his style begins and Tim's ends. I hope people can see him as something fresh and hopefully not a budget Timbaland like Scott Storch.

  9. lol if ppl don't see "got me high" as fresh, then they havnt heard the monotonous shit that has been on the radio in-between r justin/nelly and britney. i mean i guess those who think danja isnt hot are having issues with moving off from the 90's. its just like how old ppl always think that "young" ppls music isnt as gud as theirs. tsk tsk. Danja is the future just accept it. He isnt no storch or j dupri, who flows with the times..... the man is makin sum next level different stuff. its unfair to keep comparing him to timbo lol. he's only 25 ppl.

  10. "Got me high" is BANGIN'!! The beat is so hot. Danja laced Britney with some seriously hot shit. I like how there's no messin'. Short, sweet, catchy, hot beats, nothing too deep and meaningful with mass cross over appeal.

    I hear ya Mr. anonymous when you say people aren't sure where Danja's style begins and Tim's ends. But the more of Danja's solo productions I hear, the more I feel I could tell his production apart from a Tim one. (Though I hope nobody puts me on the spot and asks me to. *lol*) Danja's tracks to me personally feel a lot more polished, rounded, more melodic and also remind me alot of Darkchild sometimes. Danja's songs sometimes tend to have bridges where the melody changes too. This isn't something Tim often does, if ever.

    I'm a huge fan of the guy. Hopefully the Britney project will propel him even higher. It's a shame Nikki Flores' album is still stuck in limbo and will probably get shelved, because Danja's tracks for her were HOT!

  11. All the tracks i heard were fiyah,Danja is doing his part with Britney we'll see about the other producers.Danja is the future he sounds NOTHING like Tim not anything he has his own sound,production everything else just like when tim came in the game and he had the beatswitches,the breakdown of the beat towards the end of songs or any part of the song,sound effects, samples all that stuff.

  12. The beats are good but I'm not just feelin the songs with Britney in it..

  13. what about the "get back" song??? is that tim or danja, and is there a hq full length version of it yet?

  14. after hearing 'shock value' i'd say the line between tim's and danja's style was made very clear... if you can't tell who the brains behind 'my love' and 'promiscuous' are by now - your ears are blind!

  15. I think these songs are HOT! I also want to hear "Get Back," which he produced for Britney. I think it's something new and fresh for the both of them.


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