Monday, September 3, 2007

New D.O.E. interview on

You wanna get an update what D.O.E. is doin? Peep the interview on the #1 page on the westcoast. Big ups to my man Rud and last but not least Nima who did this phoner for this opportunity to get D.O.E.'s name out there.

D.O.E. interview

****Dubcnn: How did you hook up with Timbaland?

Well, I was on the mixtape scene, and I had a mixtape out there called "Me-Unit", it was a parody of "G-Unit". It got into the hands of Harve Pierre, and Harve took it to Tim's lawyer. Harve Pierre is the vice president of Bad Boy Records. He took it to Tim's lawyer, he took it to Tim, and when Tim heard it, that was all she wrote! He flew me down to Miami, we did a couple of tracks, and he was like "yeah, this feels right".

Dubcnn: I was about to ask you how the feedback was for "Way I Are".

The feedback is crazy! Like, you don't see the video too crazy, well I don't see the video too crazy cause I don't watch TV, so not a lot of people recognize me, but when that song comes on, I could be anywhere, I could be in a bar, in a club, anywhere, and the song comes on, and people just start saying "Babygirl..." and start going crazy! I could be anywhere, at a gas station, and hear people pull up playing the record. It's just crazy, and I'm looking at them like "wow, they have no clue. They don't even know who they sitting next to, they don't even know who they looking at right now!" Some people look at me like "I know that face!"

Dubcnn: Any idea around when we could expect the album?

My album is coming out tomorrow! *laughs* They told [me] in the first quarter. They're about to put something out on Keri Hilson right now so she can ride that wave and we just gonna piggy back everything, cause "The Way I are" is huge right now. I just dropped my buzz single "From The Bottom To The Top", but from the reaction it's been getting since it's been out, it's been like "wow!" So the single might take me further than expected. I got a bunch of heat man. I think Hip-Hop really really needs me. People say Hip-Hop is dead, I don't think it's dead, I think it's wounded and it needs a healing.****

Also in case you all haven't checked it out, D.O.E has launched a youtube page called D.O.E. Films that has a range of tracks throughout his career including some dope mixtape songs with Busta and Lil' Kim. Definitely take a look! Also "The Way I Are" was the #1 Pop 100 and #1 Pop 100 Airplay track in America this last week! Let's hope it continues it's success.


  1. Q1 2008? I guess I'll be waiting for that to drop.

    Nice to know "Rollin'" isn't dead, though.

  2. I know this isn't related but what's up with the Deluxe Edition of Shock Value? Is it legit?

  3. props to Aidlingen...DOE is that dude


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