Friday, September 14, 2007

The Chronicles Presents: The Thomas Crown Mixtapes Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

You all have waited long enough so here is the final mixtapes to download:

Volume 1

1. "The Way I Are" J Mack Remix
2. "Call Me" (Sample) Music Mo Remix
3. "Laff At Em" Andy Remix
4. "Gossip Folks" PLM Remix
5. "Dirt Off Ur Shoulders" Smiff Remix
6. "Are You That Somebody" (Double 2T Remix)
7. "Pony" (Precision Mad Scientist Remix)

Volume 2

1. "The Way I Are" Andy Remix
2. "Call Me" (sample) Essence Guardian Remix
3. "Laff At Em" J Mack Remix
4. "Gossip Follks" Music Mo Remix
5. "Dirt Off Ur Shoulders" Helmholtz Remix
6. "Are You That Somebody" Kyzer Remix
7. "Pony" SafeHandz Remix

THANKS to everyone who participated in the project, you all did such amazing remixes that I am lucky enough to hear everyday. This will definitely not be the last of The Chronicles mixtapes. I want to continue to put projects like this together to promote all the great music that's coming from everyone around the world. Also big thanks to Timbalandchick and SafeHandz for the mixtape covers and extra thanks to Safe as well for putting together all the music. I owe ya' my friend!

Please spread the links around, it's for everyone to enjoy. Again you all did an incredible job! To all the beatmakers, producers, etc who participated and who have yet to partcipate keep makin' music because there's plenty of us out there who love listening to it!!



  1. Wow! Its beautiful, we want more... Nyc Post J & Team.


  3. Great job guys! The covers are beautiful too! I only wish i couldve been a part of this :(

  4. Some of the tracks are great! Others age seriously uninteresting

  5. im downloading now, im sure they are great and i would have loved to participated.Can i be a part of the next one? czar knows of me (he knows of me as RAL) let me know my email is

  6. Yeah, the contest was fun. Unfortunately I had to work a lot and didnt came to finish all my aproaches. But I drew a lot of inspiration and fun out of the whole thing.
    Thanks for the effort to all participants and the coordinating overseers!

    Cheta, your stuff rly sounds great. If there'll ever be another comp. here I'd love to see you participate. keep it up.

    if the person that voted for my aaliyah rmx reads this, please contact me!

  7. That second cover is seriously nice.

  8. Damn! I am playing the hell out of the Precision Mad Scientist remix pf "Pony". The beat is seriously tight. UK urban radio would be all over this! :D


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