Monday, September 17, 2007

T.I.'s new single

T.I. next single will be the Danja produced "Hurt." The video was shot over the weekend with Alfa Mega but there is no confirmation if Busta will also be in the video or will possbiliy be replaced by Big Kuntry King, Grand Hustle's next artist, or Kuntry will be added to the video version of the track along with Busta and Alfa. The video was shot on location at Club Crucial in Atlanta.

No release date for the video or single has been released yet but we will keep you posted with new information as it becomes available. Thanks to Bigmac for the info.

EDIT: Busta is confirmed to be in the video!


  1. Hurt and Tell Em I Said That were two of the best tracks off his album to me.

  2. "Hurt" and "Tell 'Em I Said That" really convinced me that Danjahandz is comin' into his own as a producer, steppin' it up from some of his Timbo-lite previous stuff, but i dunno about it bein' a single. it'll probably do decent on the charts, i'd say 40-something tops.

    i would've picked "Don't You Wanna Be High," that could be a "21 Questions"-style hit albeit not as big as 50's was of course. thug who needs love and all that corny stuff

  3. good news

    danja went postal on that instrumental


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