Monday, September 17, 2007

Kanye, 50, & Timbaland

Timbaland recently weighed in on what he though about the 50 7 Kanye "rivalry":

"It's a great promotional tool," Timbaland said about West's and 50's albums coming out on the same day. "To me, it's the greatest thing ever. I think people should do it more often. I'm a fan of both albums. Hip-hop needs this right now. "It's gonna kinda come [out] evenly," he added about his prediction of the sales. "I say 500,000 to 500,000. That's a million records total in hip-hop. That's too much for the consumer."

Timbo says that the rap overload will likely cause a third-party candidate to reap the spoils. Country superstar Kenny Chesney also dropped a new album, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates, on Tuesday.

"[Chesney] sells like 600, 700 [thousand]," Timbaland said. "He's gonna be #1, though. Why wouldn't he? It's happened before when a country artist came out and a hip-hop artist came out. ... It's nothing different. It's gonna be tight. Maybe [8,000 more] for 50 or [8,000 more] for Kanye. But Kenny is gonna do 600,000. He's a country artist. Country never fails. Just like 'High School Musical.' "


Looks like Tim forgot B5's album ha!

50 also had a few words about Timbaland via MTV's Mixtape Monday:

****Last week we told you how Kanye West brought both DJ Toomp and Timbaland in to help him with some of the soundscapes for Graduation. Well, 50 Cent is equally impressed with Timbo the King.

"He did stuff I never seen a producer do," 50 said recently in Las Vegas about working with Timbaland. (Tim, as the whole world knows now, produced 50's "Ayo Technology.") "I seen him take pins in a can and shake it and make it sound like something else. Then he puts the drums in the machine. It just got crazy in there."

50 said his work with Timbo inspired Kanye before West even heard their song.

"He said, 'Yo, [when] they told me you made that record with Timbaland, I made three new records,' " 50 said, smiling. "Then when I heard [the song], I was like, 'Ah man, [Kanye] got a record with [Timbaland].' "

"He's smart," 50 added. "He ain't stupid. That's what I would do."****

Tim says Kenny Chesney, what do you all say?

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  1. even if the comment's true, i love how Curtis's tryin' the whole "i'm responsible for Kanye's success" thing again.

    he just outsold your album 3:2 Curtiiiiis


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