Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashlee Simpson opens up on new album

Here's a video (sorry for the poor quality) of Ashlee Simpson in the studio with King Logan, Jim Beanz, Timbaland, and others talking about her new album and previewing a new track called "Rule Breaker."

So the Timbo/Royal Court/Ashlee tracks that we know of are:

"Yeah Yeah Yeah"
"Rule Breaker"
"What I've Become"
"Rag Doll"

Here's Ashlee talking about the leak of "Murder":

****So were you pissed when your new song leaked this past weekend? "Um, yea. But it's like-The Internet is really funny that way. That version is SUCH a rough cut. My vocals are way better. WAY better".

Yeah, I hope so- It sounds like you say something about a monkey on your back. "HA HA, um. Those are NOT the words. What I do have [on the album] is tons of crazy songs. When you listen to it you'll get up and dance, jump around, do all of that."

So you're over that pop/rock/angry girl sound? "I guess...I've got Timbaland,[John] Legend, amazzzing producers."

I guess the album cover is shot? What is the look? "Oh yea- it's VERY sexy, real hot and totally different from the last cover. You're gonna love it."****


  1. Another person jumps on the R&B bandwagon. Oh well, any Timbo tracks I'm looking forward to, the thing with him is you know he can bring fire for anyone, so I'm anticipating.

  2. I don't care about this bitch and her shit music. I don't give a damn if Tim produced it for her. I don't know why she's lying about how her vocals are "WAY better" on the final version of her "Murder" song. We all know they're gonna sound the same.

  3. yope murder is really shitty man !!! i dont have high expectation with those track !!!

  4. i have no idea how i could donate this but i found a video with M.i.a and Timbaland in the studio

    pretty sweet but you can't hear it really

  5. timbo and ashley LOOOOOOOL.

    what a piece of trash music.

    Is this a plan of Timbo's to make his style the "disco" og the early 2000's ?
    (U remember disco died out right?)


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