Friday, September 7, 2007

Timbaland at the VMA rundown

MTV talked with Timbaland about his feelings on the VMAs and here's what he had to say:

****"No award show will be able to beat this award show. I'm involved with it? I'm doing it? No other show this year will be able to see it," he boasted. "People are gonna be sick. The other shows are going to be coming up to me like, 'Timbaland, can you? ... No, I cannot. I will not.'

"I'm overseeing the music — the intros, outros, middle breaks," Tim — donning a waaay old-school white wig — explained Thursday (September 6) at the Palms Casino Resort. He was holed up in the Studio at the Palms, the resort's very own recording studio, where he — and other artists, like Lil Jon — have worked recently. "I did all the music [for the VMAs], so it could sound like a Timbaland production," Timbo said.

He played the MTV News crew a track he made specifically for the beginning of Chris Brown's set. It sounded like Middle Eastern swing meets a historically black college's marching band in a European nightclub ... mixed with some sound effects from a ColecoVision video game for good measure.

Speaking of surprises, Timbaland wasn't aware of Thursday's big news: that Britney Spears will open the extravaganza with a performance of her new single, "Gimme More." "We'll see," he said about how he thinks Britney will do. "Maybe she's got a point to prove."****

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Good old Tim always keeping it humble ha! Yes Britney Spears will be opening the show with her Danja produced track "Gimmie More" which is everywhere these days. Criss Angel the magician will also be performing with Britney. You can check MTV for more details.

Now on some exclusive Chronicles news D.O.E will be joining Tim, Keri, and Sebastian for their performance at the VMAs. They will be closing the show with a melody of hits. Nelly Furtado will start with "Do It" adding Sebastian and D.O.E, then Timbaland and Keri will join in for "The Way I Are, and finally Justin Timberlake and Tim performing one of their hits, I'm not sure which one yet.

Make sure to check out the performance this Sunday at 9PM Eastern and yes I'm hoping some of us record it too so we can post it for everyone else.


  1. Hope they show it on german MTV too.. I will record it on harddisc so maybe I can share it with y'all. By the way, heard of some mysterious Timbo & Danja production: "Shayal - my moment". Dont know if its true or not!! HQ-snippet:

  2. I didnt even listen 2 ur snippet and I can tell ya its fake.

    grüße aus dem sonnigen süden deutschlands (nähe stuttgart) :)

  3. Im Not 100% sure if its gonna happen but my sister is a dancer and she told me a few weeks back that her choreographer told her class that she was goin to audition for Timbalands "release" song, do you think tim and justin could be doing "release" as a closer? Cause I havent heard anything about a video for it?

  4. this vma should be crazy and timbaland is gonna be bigger star after this..can't wait to see it this sunday...thanks for the update.

  5. i was flickin through the tube and was watchin that channel E! and there was talk bout britney opening up and tim had a comment sayin that he hasnt heard the track but people have told him it was dull...and boring coming for coming out of his camp by his producer... meanin he thinks danja could of done better...and also he stated that she doesnt deserve too open the show because she has no momentum at this point in time... just drama behind her...dont kill the messenger im just repeating what i herad with my own sure sum one else saw this

  6. wow thats sum serious shit for timbaland to say there lol. i find it hard to believe that he dusnt hear anything danja is puttin out (after sayin he is a fan of danja). i mean i assume by now that danja has full freedom of creativity without timbo's help, but come on now lol how can he NOT hear a track that is gonna b part of a show HE is doing the music for. It's within his interests at LEAST to hear the lineup of music for the night.

  7. I dont think Timbo would say. "she doesnt deserve to open the show.." After saying things like: "..I just want to hold her hand & help her.." and things like this!! And dont even think about it Timbo didn't hear the Danja track, I would rather think he didnt want to reveal too much about this "surprise-Opening"..


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