Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Flipped It Better? Timbaland Vs. Dr. Dre

For this installment of Who Flipped It Better we have a battle between 2 of the best producers in the world. Did you know that both used the same sample for 2 different tracks?

Let's first look at the good Doctor. The year was 2007 and The Game had just released his 2nd album The Doctor's Advocate. The dust had settled after the release and then a flurry of unreleased tracks that didn't make the album hit the net. One of those tracks was the Dr. Dre produced "Feels Good" featuring Mya. The track features a sample that sounded immediately familiar to me when I heard it. Here it is:

The Game F/ Mya "Feels Good"

Hear the sample?

Well let's back up to 6 years before, in 2001, when Timbaland released his 3rd album Indecent Proposal and one track in particular "Roll Out" (not to be confused with the Ludacris track by the same name). Turns out Timbaland had used the same sample but years before Dre did, take a listen:

Timbaland & Magoo "Roll Out"

So the question as always: Who Flipped It Better? And the bonus question: What's the original sample that both used for their respective tracks? Props to Alex.


  1. Shit Timbaland wins this even though the Dre track is nice as well. The drums won it for Timbaland.

  2. Timbo. I think tho The Game's track isnt Dre...

  3. drums = tim (have to say that's my all time favorite tim drum)
    overal melody = dre

  4. big mistake here - dre didn't go that track.

    it leaked with a whole bunch of unreleased game tracks and that one was later reported by have been produced by aftermath in-house producer Focus...and i'm not even sure that was 100% confirmed.

    should be changed to Timbaland Vs Focus though...


  6. am I the only one that really likes the Dre/whoever track better? I love the drums on Tim's track, but I think they just worked better on the forty other songs he's used them on. The dre track just sounds phenomenal (and awesomely dramatic) to me, and I found the timbo track hard to listen to all the way through. The strings/whatever noise were not used so well there. I have to say that the drums are also fierce on "feels good," especially for dre (who often relies on a simple 4/4 stomp)

    *also, I think "feels good" IS a dre production, or at least dre co-produced, because Game refers to being a sucker for Dre beats during the song.

  7. game name-drops dre on nearly every track but thats interesting...

    i reckon it was a demo beat from focus that dre would have re-produced/polished if the track was ever gonna be used. just doesn't have that dre sound and focus has produced the odd track with those kind of drums...

    its weird cause a whole grip of unreleased game tracks leaked with that one and they were really good productions but none really sounded like proper dre productions except maybe one called 'dont stop'.

    if anyone is feeling the focus production check out this instrumental from him. most definitely dramatic, monster beat if you ask me :)


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