Friday, September 12, 2008

Is you is or is you ain't my Danja

Over a month ago I got a snippet of a track titled "Incredible" by an unnamed artist labeled as a Danja production. Now if I had a nickel or even a penny for every track I get labeled "Danja production" or "produced by Timbaland" I'd still be broke but none the less I was very skeptical if it really was a Danja track. Sure it smelled like Danja, looked like Danja, and sounded like Danja but I wasn't convinced so I filed it away in the archives. Soon after I received another longer snippet of a track with the exact same beat, also titled "Incredible" but now sung by an artist named K. Young. Was the first track a reference? More than likely yes but again I wasn't convinced it was Danja so add another one to to the archives.

Fast forward to a week ago when low and behold a full track with the same beat as the other two appeared in my inbox now titled "Crush On You" by an artist named Casley produced by Danja. On this new Casely track it even sounds like he says "Danja" but somehow I'm still not convinced. More than likely it's me just being stubborn but here take a listen to both tracks and tell me what you think:

K Young "Incredible"

Casely "Crush On You"

Yeah yeah sounds just like Danja I know! Which track do you prefer? I wish every Danja or Timbo track had multiple artists on them like this to compare like Brandy's "Come As You Are" Vs. Jay-Z's track using the same beat and many others.


  1. Wait Jay-Z used the "Come As You Are" beat? Anyone got a snippet of that?

    I think I'd prefer Casley's track due to his voice.

  2. anyone know where I can download this its HOTTT!!

  3. Casely sounds better. He has a feminine voice, I like it.

    He needs to blow up. I want to work with him.

    This is def a Danja-Danja-HEY!!!! track.. I hear it mostly in the organs.

    I love the switch he put in the pre-hook... sounds very lifting... but that "Baby girl I got a crush on you" sounds like the "you" needs more release...

    Drums sound really nice... good job Danja... I'm loving this beat...



    future the venture...

  4. This is a DANJA production...hands down, but dammit, I dont know which one I first it was CRUSH, then I let "Incredible" it grew on

    Casely version is vocally better.


  5. There is no question that both tracks are hot. And this is definitely a Danja track. It definitely has his feel to it...

    K Young "Incredible" track had a nice hook. The hook is hella catchy. It definitely has a single appeal. The song but not the performance. K Young voice in my opinion isn't unique enough to really help him to stand out from the many others male singers...

    Casely "Crush On You" track is better on the performance. His vocals are a little better than K Young's. Definitely could be a single just not a major hitting single. Even with the right push I can't picture this becoming major rotation. Again doesn't quite stand out from the other male singers of today...

  6. whats the jay-z track called???

  7. Yea someone please hit us off with that Jay-z "Come as you are" track!

    The beat is sick and I've already heard this cat named "Al Gator" rhyme over it so the instrumental must be out there somewhere (I'll take that to if anyone has it!)

  8. This is GREAT Danja, no doubt about it! And I prefer Casely too

  9. Casely's Track Is Off Tha Chain, His Voice Fits Perfect 4 Tha Track




  11. typically when Danja does choral synths they match the harmony of the chorus ("Break the Ice", "My Love", "Baby I See You", etc)...

    but that has little to do with this, just noting they don't match up in either case

  12. Where the hell do you here choral synths? I hear organs...

  13. "where do you" would have been more polite and less taxing to type.

    but it's in the second part of the chorus... "i cant stop i can't stop my love".

  14. Hell.

    It took me less than a quarter of a second to type that. You haven't earned etiquette.

    Anyways... you are mishearing the organ's panning and slight delay as a second instrument. There are no choral synths. I don't hear it. It is however a nice sounding organ, and the chords are heavenly.

    We would be cool, if you weren't such a defensive stan, mate. :)

  15. wtf am i defending? I'm pretty sure I've panned my fair share of Danja songs... and Tim songs.

  16. You are blatantly missing it. I wasn't referring to Tim or Danja.

  17. Yeah I like the Casely version it slapps and Casely is on Kock/Epic Records he has another song that was his first single called emotional. Emotional didnt get any air play at least from what I know, so his project was pushed back. But if Casely keeps pushin out heaters like Crush On You he will get a release date by at least first quarter 2009. If u need anymore info get at me on ma email
    Im an intern for ClearChannel Radio so I can get any info u need holla


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