Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chris Cornell launches new website and new EP

Chris Cornell's official website has just been revamped with a whole new look and lots of great news and information.

In addition Verizon has teamed up with Cornell and Timbo to release a 6 song EP from September 22 thru October 13 including 1 new track we haven't heard yet. Here's the tracklisting:

-Ground Zero
-Long Gone
-Part Of Me
-Never Far Away

Who's got VCast? Send the tracks our way!

Scream will be officially released on November 4th.


  1. November 4 will be here soon... so I'm not extremely anxious to get my hands on the mobile EP

  2. I want to hear ''Part of Me'' I liked what I heard from the commercial.

  3. Keri Hilson just added a snippet of "Return The Favor" to her MySpace.


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