Sunday, September 14, 2008

T.I. - What's Up, What's Happening--NOT Danja

As we told you last May, "Rolling Stone" reported that T.I.'s first official single was to be the Danja-produced "What's Up, What's Happening." Then, track lists started circulating the Internet claiming the track was produced by producer-of-the-moment Drumma Boy. Now, the official song (and video) have leaked, and based on the signature Drumma Boy wind-up synth in the beginning, the song is definitely NOT produced by Danja. Was Danja's beat scrapped, or did it never exist in the first place? More information to come. Peep the video and song below.


  1. I mentioned this in the comment box like 2 months ago... shoulda sent it to Boogie instead.

  2. it nvr existed....
    i am a HUUUGE t.i. fan...
    this song leaked a few months ago and i downloaded it and knew in the first couple seconds tht this wasnt danja...
    rolling stone prob made a mistake...

  3. Of course they did I thought it was understood to be Drumma Boy.

  4. That rising synth isn't Drumma's Boy signature... he stole the sound from Just Blaze.

  5. He sure did steal that from just Blaze....shit, even I use it in some tracks I produced. lol - the beat is definitely Produced by "Drumma Boy".

    I dont even know how Danja name got involved.


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