Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jennifer Hudson "Pocketbook" (Snippet)

From exclusive news to the final real deal, here is a snippet of the Jim Beanz produced Jennifer Hudson track:


The track was written by both Candice Nelson and Beanz and you can hear both their magical touches throughout. We've been telling you since day 1 don't sleep on Jim Beanz, dude is a BEAST!!

Hot track from J Hud and I look forward to the full with Ludacris.


  1. Beat boxing sounds like "No Sex For Ben"...

    Its ok though... needs some melody...

    *waves @ f.e.derick*

  2. wtf????
    wasnt this by tim???????
    im soooo confused........
    and a lil pissed off...
    this was supposed to be tim...

  3. aayize.. I thought so too... ohhh poopwell...

  4. That beatboxing has a very bitter aftertaste considering that we know how close Jim Beanz works with Timbaland. The whole track seems to have no real melody at all. JH came iight as usual. But I am dissapointed. Only Luda can help this with his crazy 16's...

  5. I agree with big-a. Not on a "buddy buddy" level though. I just agree.

  6. hmmm i like it its different her voice fits it damn beanz was all on this i thought tim produced it though it doesnt have a melody just beatbox and such

  7. I like it, I don't understand why couldn't they just say Jim Beanz produced it I mean is that so hard sometimes its a letdown imo.

  8. great song
    phenomonal vocal arranging
    way too good for timba
    he's not quite up to scratch of late

  9. Love the sounds but sounds unfinished. Would love to hear more synths at the chorus. Props to Jim Beanz!


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