Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nicole Wray Billie Holiday of the Streets

Where has Nicole Wray been!? That's the million dollar question we Timbo and Nicole fans have been asking for years. She popped up on the Dame Dash Music group label releasing a few tracks and an unreleased album Lovechild. Then most recently was penned The Original Princess Of Rocafella/the First Lady Of Dipset releasing even more tracks. Yet through all the critical acclaim and all the praises Nicole has never had the success that she did with her classic first album Make It Hot.

Hopefully all of that is about to change. Nicole Wray has just released a new mixtape Billie Holiday of the Streets and you can hear it here:

Yes, you're right there's no tracks from the Timbaland family rather Focus, a long time producer of Dr. Dre's, has been crafting new tunes for the songbird. Even so support is always a good thing so be sure and stop by her myspace and give Nicole a shout out on her new project.


  1. I've always been a Nicole fan, and I definitely think her best work was with Tim before signing to the Roc, but Datpiff was busy (as always) so I didnt get to check it out yet, I know Focus makes heat though, so it should be pretty good

  2. "The First Lady of Dipset/Original Princess of RocAFella" and "Billie Holiday of the Streetz" wasn't not released by Nicole. It was released by a fan.


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