Saturday, September 27, 2008

Writer's Block: The Clutch Part III

In the final installment of the Writer's Block on The Clutch, I am going to introduce you to a new member of production for the clique and a great story on how he got hooked up with the crew. Before we go there though, let's take a look at newly leaked track from young Star Trak signee Teyana Taylor. The track is called "Young Girl" featuring Eve and is one of 5 Clutch tracks that were supposed to be on her long delayed debut album From The Planet Called Harlem. Produced by Hit Boy, the track showcases the softer, sensitive side of Taylor. Check it:

Teyana Taylor "Young Girl" F/ Eve

As you know The Clutch along with multiple writers worked with Danity Kane on their latest album Welcome To The Dollhouse. One track that the didn't make the cut is the mellow "Respretative." It doesn't quite fit the uptempo, club vibe of the album so I see why they cut it. Regardless, take a listen to the demo of the track with Candice Nelson singing:

Candice Nelson demo "Representative"

Now on to the newest producer of The Clutch, Mr. B. Jabr (that's him on "Representative"). He definitely has a great story that's better to listen to than for me to tell so check out these videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Check that first video again, "...reached out to Zeke on myspace..." Something as simple as a message on myspace and look at what can happen. I love stories like this because it really shows that with talent, confidence, and a little luck you never know what could happen. Stay on your grind ya'll! In addition to his talents (check Bobby Valentino's "Another Life"), Jabr has made himself very accessible to the public with multiple videos on youtube and his own website which brings artists up close and personal to their fans.

That concludes our 3 part series on The Clutch but to keep up on the happenings of the crew be sure to check out their wikipedia page. I'm usually very skeptical of anything on wikipedia but this particular page is 100% on point and is constantly updated so be sure to bookmark it. Projects to look out for are Ciara's new album ("Echo") Britney Spears, Chris Cornell ("Long Gone" "Part Of Me" & "Never Far Away"), Keri Hilson, possibly Brandy, and the long overdue Menudo album.

For a little bonus check out this little interview with Candice Nelson to go inside the mind of a music writer:

Check back next week as we start our next Writer's Block on the supremely talented Mr. Jim Beanz.

- this episode of Writer's Block brought to you by J Boogie of The Keepers


  1. I think "Respresentative" is BANGIN'! Danity Kane SO could've handled this track. I don't think it would've thrown the vibe of the album off too much. I mean, look at "Poetry". That shit sticks out like a sore thumb. I think "Representative" would've sat well with the interludes if they weren't wasted and were made into full length tracks.

    Is there a HQ version of this song floating around!? I'll bump Candice's version same way. Ain't a DAMN thing unfinished or demo like about how Candice handled her business on the track.

  2. Its great to hear these stories thats why I come to this blog.

  3. is candice the one in the middle??? if so she is fugly!! and that lipliner dun do much good either

  4. I REALLY hope Candice writes for Brandy new album. She did the damn thing on "Afrodisiac". Her song writing is so quirky and original. I love how she came on "Who is she 2 U".

  5. Johnta Austin - Ya Know What's Up (Prod by The Clutch)

    This song is really beautiful!

  6. I don't think Candice is ugly. She looks like a pretty, average woman. But next to Keri, a lot of women would look worse than they really are...Oh yeah, and their writing is great.

  7. yea i think candice is pretty too :)

  8. I love the lyrics and that piano line on that TT song

  9. It don't matter how ya'll think Candice looks. She's getting PAID more money than everybody who commented int his post combined! *LOL*

    I think she looks cute. And her talent makes her even cuter.


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