Sunday, September 14, 2008

In A Perfect World delayed till end of 2008

Keri's project continues to get pushed back and this time it's been given a strong shove all the way back to the end of this year. Not sure why the continued delay but the weekly leaks of tracks from her album I'm sure is not helping the cause.

Hopefully the album will get released!


  1. because there hasnt been a good song yet...keri= needs some big featured artists on her album...where is magoo :)
    although thats not a bad idea keri feat magoo-keep us around
    btw i think magoo neeeds to make a comeback hes the man...

  2. Hopefully it becomes a more urban album and few pop joints.

  3. The album is sounding very weak and generic. That is why it is getting pushed back. They are trying to add more things to make it sound better.

  4. Who's Keri? Oh, she's the video honey that everyone wants in their video, but NOT on their album.

    Can't say I didn't see this coming... considering the song that just leaked sounds all types of unfinished.

  5. I can't wait to peep it...I have faith that it'll be dope, just aint hear nothing decent yet

  6. WHY?????
    i hope this dosent turn out like another kiley.....
    i see this album coming out mid 2009... maybe next summer....
    deff not in '08...
    hopefully there pusing back for a good reason and there makin tht album into fire...
    i hope she adds some more hotness with tim & danja!!!

  7. The album has been sounding weak and generic. I wonder if that is keris fault or is it due to management pushing her to release poppy tracks. MAN Rihanna came out and she was a complete unknown initially she aint even behind her music. But keri has been in the background for a long time writing hits for other people and for people like me we have high hopes for her. RELEASE HER ALBUM PLEASE if all the tracks leak how useless will that be. Tracks like Come clean, Love ya, Slow dance, Mic check, have all been bangers but leaked too soon I am sure that any of these tracks would have been hits. Come on timbaland this is your artist get things rolling for goodness sake.


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