Thursday, September 11, 2008

Timbaland sues Australian Company for "missed" tour

It was widely reported that Timbaland missed and even canceled his various tour dates in Australia and New Zealand. Then the media reported that Timbaland was double booked with the Coke Live Tour in Poland which he did go on to perform for.

But this is The Chronicles and though we might not be at liberty to give you details right away, eventually they will emerge, they always do. As we told you during the height of these fabricated stories, there's much more to this story than what was being reported and now the details have finally emerged.

Timbaland is suing the Australian company in charge of booking his performances, Showtime Touring Group, for their refusal to make required payments, publishing misleading information about the show, and arranging sponsorships and commercial tie-ins without Timbaland's consent. The suit states "despite Timbaland's desire to perform for his Australia and New Zealand fans, he was unable to do so. From the moment the parties signed the contract at issue, Showtime breached its obligations." The suit goes on to say that Timbaland was exposed to "considerable backlash in the Australian press, which falsely reported that the cancellation was due to Timbaland's wedding and honeymoon."

Timbo is suing for unspecified damages in Southern District court. In a statement reported by the Australian press, the company cited "a lack of contact from Timbaland and his management" in announcing the cancellation.

Timbaland a no show? Get your facts right peeps!


  1. J why don't you like me anymore?

    What did I do? I feel like Lucifer now...

    I already feel my horns growing...

    WHA WHA HA HA HA BWAH BWAH BWAH!!!! *cough cough*


    Aussies trying to bully Tim? No no no no... nah an said the producer...

  2. you stay spammin' in the comment box, that's why. on top of that, you're sometimes caught pushin' YOUR music on a Timbaland + affiliates Web (Blogger, more appropriately) site. then, you try playin' buddy buddy with J and big-a without contributing anything in particular to the site.

    Step that game up, Venture.

  3. And what did you just do frederick?

  4. I feel I've earned that right... how many times have you seen "thanks to Fredrick" (Boogie spells the name wrong; I forgive him. XD) on the blog posts?

    But, at least Tim's going to court himself instead of being taken to court over a sample. hahaha

    Shouts out to Venture.

  5. You've earned a right on a blog? Get out of here. Grow up, brownie points get munched on late at night.


    My mate in NZ... wonder how he feels about this...

    No need for the shout, but preciate it.

  6. Thanks Boogie - now I understand why you couldn't tell us any earlier. Well I hope the media that presented any negative press about Tim expose the truth just as loudly as they had complained.
    As for the Australian Tim fans - he stll has plenty for a tour :) But I think he should just save it for the new album/material.


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