Sunday, September 14, 2008

Writers Block: The Clutch (Part II)

Well, in the past few months it has been quite a special time for us Clutch fans with news and tracks galore appearing on the net!

Firstly we have new artist Jordyn Taylor's "Won't Play Nice" which unfortunately, is far from a Clutch banger. Looking at her myspace page you will see that her looks far outshine her vocal talents. (or lack of) I don't think its completely their fault as Jordyn's voice is awful, really, even studio effects can't save it as they can on Britney's and the like and her spoken parts make it even more unbearable. The production sounds cheap as hell, the synthesised strings and the awfully thin drum line are really the only effects used at all on this Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" rip off gone wrong. The lyrics are rather generic as well, with particularly cringeworthy ones being "she likes your car, you're such a star, y'all at my nerves" and "quit callin' me ten times a day like ch-ch-chirp" which is not the norm from The Clutch who normally come up with the most dynamic and quirky lyrics. The arrangements, which are usually a massive strong point on Clutch tracks are also virtually non-existent. My only justification is that they thought it would be wrong to give such a no-talent like Jordyn a decent Clutch track as this is categorically one of the first and only disapponting Clutch joints! Her currently untitled debut album has yet to recieve a release date from Myspace/Interscope but is also set to feature production contributions from Timbaland associate Ryan Tedder, Darkchild, Madd Scientist and Mysto & Pizzi and writing from the talented Writing Camp & Frankie Storm.

Jordyn Taylor "Won’t Play Nice"

The next leaked Clutch joint offers something a bit more optimistic, One Chance's "No Brainer" is a Warren "Oak" Felder produced slow jam which has never been a strong point for the Clutch but this is definitely a successful collaboration. The chorus in particular goes hard with its strong lead vocal and understated echoed backgrounds. The production sort of fails this otherwise nice ballad, its not the best instrumental to write over by any standards and it could have been a little more edgy as I've seen Oak do before on Jennifer Lopez' "Mile In These Shoes" for example. With Candice and Keri being the most effective Clutch members in a lot of cases (imo) and this being channeled through a female vocal I guess thats why male collaborations are mostly hit (Balewa Muhammad "100" demo, Bobby Valentino, Kevin Michael) and slightly miss. (LeMarvin, Noel Gourdin)

One Chance "No Brainer"

Both Bayje and Money have tentatively titled their Clutch-assisted projects via MySpace recently, although neither currently have a release date. Money's project Unlady Like looks to be falling into some kind of trouble as we expected with Blackground, although after a long delay she performed “Fantasy” and introduced her debut single “Future” yesterday. Let's hope this talented girl who Candice writes fire for will get a release as her track snippets were dope! Bayje's Curious is looking more positive as she recently finished filming a video for the single "Find a Way" and is currently on a college tour. Not exactly the promotion I expected for a big record company like Atlantic, but at least they've got things cracking in some way. As you should have heard by now two of Bayje's banging tracks have been leaked with The Clutch "Jealous Of Your Whip" and "Problem", if you haven't, check them out at her myspace. Currently, no Clutch/Money collabos have leaked.

Bayje "Jealous Of Your Whip"

Bayje "Problem" (alternate version produced by Brian Kidd)

The Clutch have additionally been working on the forthcoming projects from Brandy, Keri Hilson, Chris Cornell, The Pussycat Dolls, Cassie, Menudo and Ciara and a mysterious new group The Goods have popped up on MySpace whose top friends are all the Clutch members and record label is Clutch Entertainment so more info on these guys as we get it!

-this episode of Writer’s Block brought to you by Luke from The Keepers


  1. Ok lets start with Bayje I hear no personality from her voice I mean theres no emotion if she worked on that I think some of these dope song they throwing at her would work

    next One chance

    The beat is dope it just needs some grit/distortion to drive it a bit...and when they sing the pre hook "See all thing you need your man to do" that when some of the instrument should of built then spilled into the hook. but the lyrics don't sound any niggas that I know would talk like lol

    Jordan Taylor IDK I dont listen to stuff like this regularly so maybe its dope maybe its not have no clue

  2. The Jordyn Taylor track is terrible. Sounds like gar-bage' urban/pop from the late 90's. The chick is not even that great looking. Her vocals aren't THAT (well...) bad, but every bit of everything on her myspace (specially her music) comes of as cheap, cheap, cheap.Do I smell fu*king for tracks???

    I don't like "No Brainer". That's about all I can say. The lyrics and arrangement are nice, but that's all I can say. it's not bad, I just don't feel it at all. Tad bit wimpy, if I do say so myself.

    "Jealous Of Your Whip" is okay. I think it would sound better if someone with more swagger and a bigger and less nasally voice sang it. I like "Problem". It's a solid r'n'b track. But Bayje's voice gets on my nerves. The lyrics on both are fine, but no line in any of the songs made me stop and rewind to think or chuckle (like other Clutch tracks have made me).

  3. All beats are hot.

    I believe that Danja prod a track for Bayje - impossible.. i think clutch & Danja should stop waiting their time

    Jordyn Taylor sounds a bit cheezy but she got some flow; reminds me of Jessica Simpson

    One Chance - No Brainer... hot track!


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