Monday, September 15, 2008

"Migrate" Scrapped

The Danja-produced "Migrate" was supposed to be released on September 30 as Mariah Carey's fourth single from "E=MC2." However, the release has been scrapped and it looks like no more singles to come from Mariah's platinum album.


  1. what a co-incidence was just playing this track today and thinking that its pretty underated!

    danja dropped a great slow tempo beat, all the rhythms going on in it are crazzyyyyy and the low-end is REALLY there :)

  2. It was one of the best songs on the album way better than Touch My Body.

  3. i remember when this leaked, it had single written all over it and i couldnt wait for the instrumental to drop...

    seein it wasn't gonna be released sorta hurt.

  4. I can understand why 'Touch My Body' was chosen - it's decent and was a safe route to secure a nice opening for the album, but straight after that Migrate should've been the second.

  5. WTF?????
    man i guess ppl dont like making money these days.....

  6. this was the best track on her album.. well done Mariah... whats happining to the music business, grrrr


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