Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Produced It Better? Timbaland Vs. Missy

The year was 1998 and Timbo and Missy were red hot. Everything they touched turned to gold, literally. Another group at the time that were just as hot we Sisters With Voices. SWV released 6 albums in 6 years and created some of the most classic songs of the 90s ("Right Here" anyone?). Tim, Missy, and SWV worked together numerous times and even after the group disbanded, leader singer Coko called on Tim and Miss to help her continue her success as a solo act.

Timbo and Missy were asked to executive produce the now classic Why Do Fools Fall In Love Soundtrack and they got Coko on the soundtrack with the Timbaland produced (and Missy co-produced) "He Be Back." I always thought the song was decent but nothing mind blowing, that is until you get to the beatswitch. Without a doubt its my top 3 Timbaland beatswitches; when that evil as hell synth comes in maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I get goose bumps everytime. Take a listen:

Now that's the version we all know, however, there's another version that Missy alone produced that was the original version of the song that came on an Elektra sampler disc with Nicole Wray's album. It's only a snippet but take a listen:

So who produced it better?

On a side note, the interesting thing about the Why Do Fools Fall In Love Soundtrack is that nearly every Timbo or Missy produced track on the album has an alternate inlcuding the long rumored but never heard or proven to be real Lil' Mo "Five Minutes" Timbaland Remix.


  1. They are both alright to be honest. But Tim's take the cake.

    Missy's sounds like a producer who just started, and is obsessed with effects.

  2. How can this even be a question?

    Why do Fools Fall in Love was a great album that Tim had to come to Missy's rescue for because she got in way over her head.

    She tried to do the whole thing with Clark Kent and it was horrible. Last minute Tim came in and saved the day, giving the album several strong tracks.

    Another failed experiment for Missy, who like Ginuwine, has proven to be nothing without Tim. Love both of them but they need to be realistic about their talents.

  3. Yea but dont get it Twizted Missy can still produce chunes & make them hot.

    If you ask me i dont think any1 can give Tims beat tht extra funk besides Missy.

  4. okay... so i imagined something... missy was hyped about her track... which i think is cool.. and she showed tim and he was like, "cool... but let me do something on it" and flipped it... i can tell that tim used some of the elements that missy used... especially in the beat switch... so it literally was a tim/ missy produced track... just my take on it... but i miss this sound... TIM!!! PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR 90'S ROOTS!!!!

  5. AND BTW.... i never noticed the guitar in this song.... bill pettaway (i assume it was him since he worked a lot with tim and i dont have the credits) killed it

  6. Anybody has an instrumental of He Be Back? Please post it if so.
    Thx :)

  7. I gotta second that. I'd have to bow down to the person who can post an instrumental!

  8. aight then folks lets have it, top 3 timbo beatswitches ima go with

    1) total - wat about us

    2) jay-z - come n get me

    3) ginuwine - what's so different

    i aint given it too much though im sure im forgettin many

  9. "I always thought the song was decent but nothing mind blowing..."

    Anything with Coko putting in even half an effort is gonna be mind-blowing. That voice!! You redeemed yourself with "until you get to the beatswitch" and u right - that's the icing on this icing cake. Hearing it again almost made me cry. And me manly dammit!!

    In conclusion, TIMBALAND. 1000%. Why wasn't this shit a smash or even given a shot. Melanie B's "I Want You Back" was the primary single from "Why Do Fools Fall In Love." wooooooo.


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