Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rumor Alert T.I F/ Justin Timberlake "Dead & Gone"

Yes the track has leaked and instinctively you want to say it's a Timbaland track. Why? Well since for the last 2 years almost all Justin Timberlake featured tracks have been Timbaland that's why. Yet as we told you the track is produced by Justin himself along with Rob Knox of the Underdogs. Justin has been getting more and more into producing, (check Talib Kweli's "The Nature") so be on the look out for more from him in the future.

Also another T.I. track titled "I'm Illy" has also leaked. Said to be a Danja track we still can't 100% confirm that is the case as it seems DJ Toomp is the real producer or maybe Chuck Diesel. It looks as though "No Matter What" will be the only Danja track on the final tracklist for Paper Trail. We'll let you know when we get more information.

Sadly, despite numerous articles and a lot of hope, Timbaland did not make the album. I have faith though that one day we'll hear a Timbo/T.I. (solo) collabo *fingers crossed*


  1. its a shame because this album could have been so much more solid with a few more danja tracks and less of the throwaway ones like the horrible rhianna collab.

    wonder what happened after his initial involvement cause at the time danja was talking as if he was gonna be the main producer or atleast contribute a fair few tracks for t.i....

  2. *whispers* Brian Kidd
    4 tracks on the I'm Serious album

  3. We still might hear a Timbo/T.I. solo track for Shock Value 2 he is one of the few rappers Tim wants to work with.


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