Monday, September 8, 2008

Chris Cornell Interview

Here's a short radio interview with Chris Cornell and a quick call in from Timbo:

Jo Jo on the Radio Chris Cornell interview

The reason I post it is because Cornell says "Long Gone" is the first single meaning though it's only been around a month or less, "Ground Zero" is already the 2nd single. Hope the project picks up speed! Thanks to Aayize for the link.


  1. ok, the "first" single is not avaliable to download anywhere to my knowledge!!!!! where is it on itunes. Amazon have it but apparent Watch Out is a single according to amazon

  2. ^^^^
    did anyone see the vmas???
    they had watch out on a comercial!!!!!!!!!!!
    you heard the first few seconds with the guitar playing...
    and then at the end of the commercial u see chris cornell's face briefly for a quick sec.
    it was a verizon comercial btw...
    lol when it came on i was "OMFG! chris cornell and timbo song!!!"

  3. oh btw boog u made a typo...
    i think u mean.....

    "Cornell says "Long Gone" is the first SINLGE"....

    tht confused me a bit.... lol!

  4. Don't mean to go off topic but "Work" by Ciara leaked produced by Danja and it's sick!

  5. If we're nitpickin, JoJo says it7s the first single, Chris Cornell just says it's the first song they did together.


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