Monday, September 22, 2008

The Birtney Spears Demos

It's no secret that I'm a fan of The Clutch, specifically Candice Nelson as she always brings such a unique twist not only to her songwriting but to her vocals and harmonizing. It's her you hear in the background on nearly every female artist she's ever written for, from Brandy to The Pussycat Dolls. For her writing on Britney Spears last album Blackout, specifically the track "Radar", she presented Britney with a complete reference track from start to finish. Ever wonder if a singer creates their own notes or melodies on a track? Most times it's the songwriter such as in this case. Check out the demo from Candice:

Candice Nelson "Radar" Demo

Britney's Danja produced hit "Gimmie More" also had a reference from Keri Hilson. In fact, the TV show Extra actually played Keri's demo on the ending credits of one of its segments. Check it out:

Keri Hilson "Gimmie More" Demo

Check back for more from The Clutch later this week with our final Writer's Block installment.

Update: That is not Keri Hilson singing.


  1. I like Candice too, is that her you hear in the background on Nikki Flores Beautiful Boy? I also like J-Que, well I think its J-Que, is J-Que the one you hear at the beginning of most Clutch tracks like on Nikki Flores Beautiful Boy. I love the Bridge in Mario's No definition:

    "Even though we used to the titles and getting made
    But, Maybe this time we should just leave this one alone
    (Cause, if its working for us, then its working for us
    Don't Go messing it up (Don't go messing it up)"

    I have always thought in No definition it is J-Que that comes in here what do yall think.

    Anyhow the-Clutch are the-lick!! I think I prefer when its danja and the clutch than timbo and the clutch. They seem to have this chemistry with danja.

  2. MmHmm. Danja and The Clutch just gel better together. "Danja and The Clutch" as a title sounds better than Timbaland and The CLutch, lol.

  3. I WISH the full of the Keri "Gimme More" demo would leak already, it must be out there somewhere if some random show had it playing like that...

    I love demos!


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