Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Video: Luigi Masi "Strobelight" (produced by Jim Beanz)

When you're a rising new pop star introducing yourself for the first time to the world you call on the elite to create the best possible first impression and that's exactly what new UK pop artist Luigi Masi has done. Masi' first single, called "Strobelight", is produced by none other than Jim Beanz and the video for the track has just been released. Check it out:

The track definitely has that upbeat Euro club feel though to get the full effect of the ill sounds Beanz used check the snippet of "Strobelight" on Masi's myspace page. This track only solidifies Beanz diversity going from Ashanti's slow banger "Why" to Jennifer Hudson's big girl anthem "Pocketbook" to this straight up dance track.

Congrats goes out to Beanz as well as this is his first official single in terms of solo production. You can bet there is much more to come!

Your thoughts?


  1. This track is a massive grower, nice to see the UK sound reaching out a bit! :)

  2. I imagine this would be a good beat for cassie. It fits her voice as well. Good track from beanz :)

  3. Chris Cornell's "Watch Out" is now available at iTunes!!

  4. http://rs70.rapidshare.com/files/144763626/Luigi_Masi-Strobelight-_Promo_CDM_-2008-DV8.rar

  5. reminds me so much of Chris Brown's Forever

  6. Forever is better. Better video and song.

    This is good though. The video is mad boring and unattractive.

  7. Song is great.

    venture bro - You must remember this is a DEBUT video from a UK artist. No wonder it's a bit cheap. They don't have huge budgets over there, especially if you haven't proven yourself in the market yet.

    I look forward to hearing more material, did Jim do any other tracks?

  8. Oi oi oi, ya I know that.

    They could of used the same elements, same budget, but could of made it better.

    Justin Timberlake's "I Think She Knows" video was all CG... and it was dope.

  9. i loooooove songs like this!!!
    reminds me of "Rock Wit U" by Janet...
    dope production
    dope beat
    dope video
    dope ass song im lovin this...
    i would love to hear jt sing this!!!

  10. I really dig it; dude is a dork though, lol. It kindove pleases me to see that the a more European sound is catching on...

  11. And please don't get me started on Forever...blech. This is tops; Forever, meh...

  12. ^^^^^
    OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  13. man this track is fire! sucks summer is over but it would have been a big summer anthem or a good party track!

  14. felloman - Luigi stated in his blog that Jim wrote this especially for him in studio with him. So it's not wasted on anyone, it suits him great and he's carried it off. You're just jealous that a nobody like you will never even get as far as this kid has.


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