Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video: Izza Kizza "Hello"

My People….Here is a mix-tape video done by my boy Hectah. If you dont know… Ima school ya: Hectah is an amazingly talented multimedia artist who is responsible for all of my creative photos, graphics, artwork, myspace layouts, and viral videos. Basically he is the entire visual element of me, and we completely inspire each other. Hectah approached me and said that he wanted to try and do a video for a song from my Kizzaland mix-tape. He chose “Hello” since he thought it the song was crazy and “didn’t get the exposure it deserved”. Since we had zero money to make a video for a mix-tape, he had this idea of taking upwards of 20,000 photos on a small laptop in the i-photo program, and sequence them together in stop motion/ time lapse photography all in a mac i-book. I didn’t know what all of that meant at first (sounded like some flux capacitor -10,000- gigawatts back to the future type shit), so I just went with the flow and put my trust in him and his idea. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the next thing you know I was walking around Union Square in NYC with a laptop strapped to my chest. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Steve jobs would be proud. This is the final result….enjoy.



  1. I really dont think Tim should release anything with this dude. He needs 2 sign wit Outkast or Cee- lo. Hes just to idunno. I couldnt c myself listening 2 his whole album. I dont think any of us could. Honestly.

  2. Should I feel bad for not feeling anything from this Izza Kizza guy???

  3. thats just cuz this is misxtape shit...
    wait till the album comes out and then say wat u will...
    ive heard a leaked song form him called "I See You Looking at my Booty" and its AMAZING!
    download it if u can i got it off limewire...
    well yea im pretty sure tim did it.
    it sounds alot like him. and if it is him yall best be ready cuz tims bringin it back to the 90's missy style wit a hot ass beat!

  4. this guy is lame. why did tim sign him anyway? i heard cos his business manager wanted him too. tax write off.

  5. yeah, kizza lost me a long time ago.. with that wackass mixtape.


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