Friday, September 5, 2008

Keri Hilson's "Do It" not Timbaland

Though there was the thought the track was produced by Timbaland or even Polow, Keri Hilson's "Do It" was produced by neither. Rather Keri tapped into the production skills of Roy "Royalty" Hamilton and his brother Anthony M. Royalty has work with the likes of Britney Spears, N.O.R.E, N*Sync, R. Kelly, and even Michael Jackson.

Anthony M. was cool enough to stop by The Chronicles and let us know that not only did they produce "Do It" but the version that was leaked is an early demo with the final version to be heard on the album. So be on the lookout.

Also, the version we have of Keri's "Mic Check" is not the final version. Seems as though most of the "new" tracks from Keri have been early demos with the final versions still in the mixing stage. Can't wait to hear what they sound like on the album!


  1. Fuck yeah! Royalty is one of my favorite producers... even though his repertoire could be bigger.

  2. YEESSSS!!!!
    thank god! so theres still hope for keris album!
    i wonder if "slow dance" is the final version....

  3. I told ya homie, this has nothing to do with Tim or Polow or their close camps, its someone else...U gotta trust my ears :) Again, the tracks is cool, but defintely not more. But good looks for the producers to get in with Keri...

  4. Well, according to all the complaints from her other tracks everyone should be greatly satisfied that the tracks that have surfaced so far are demos. Cant please everyone, and Im sure there will still be goo-gobs of complain even with final versions. People just have super high expectations for some reason and expect the damn near impossible these days.

  5. Well... it's interesting to see how differently Danja and other producers treat unfinished album tracks.

    I recall Britney's were on point, as opposed to these.

  6. Anthony M. is from my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, he also produced R. Kelly "Playas Get Lonely", co-produced Ashanti "Mother" with Babyface, 2 songs on Keith Sweat's latest album and more


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