Monday, September 29, 2008

Word is Timbaland gives Brandy 2 tracks

Word is Timbaland has submitted 2 tracks to Brandy for her new album Human still on track for a November 11th release date. The track names are tentatively titled "Home" and "Drum Life."

Let's hope these tracks are as incredible as past Timbo/Brandy tracks. I'd take another "Nodding Off" without question. What is your favorite Brandy/Timbo track?

Mac strikes again thanks!


  1. Well I was hoping Adios was gonna be part of it. When I first heard a snippet played on the radio, I thought this is HOT!

    She's certainly had a good share of Timbo (sampled) beats!

  2. My favourites:

    1. Sirens
    2. Come As You Are
    3. Fall Back
    4. Nodding Off
    5. Turn It Up
    6. Saddidy

    What Have U Done For Me is an underrated track i think too.

  3. My favourite is Focus, then Who is she to you and in third place Come as you are

  4. I like Sirens,Come as you are,Nodding Off,Focus,Adios it would be awesome if this is true and she actually would put it on the album.

  5. 'Nodding Off' is an amazing track, always wanted the proper (non-looped) instrumental of that.

    Was the track sampled or what?

  6. I still think what Tim did on that album is some of his best work. The songwriting on some of them tracks (Kenisha Pratt, Candice Nelson and Static put it DOWN!) was over tight. Tim's beats were sick and Brandy's vocals are always the shit no matter whose beats she's singing over the top of.

    Everything Tim did with Brandy on Afrodisiac was equally hot. I honestly couldn't pick just one track. But the ones I played most were "Who is she 2 U" and "Come as you are".

    Brandy did an interview recently and said that she hasn't and won't work with Tim for Human, but would love to work with him in the future, so...*shrugs* We'll have to see what happens. She is still recording though, so anything could happen I guess.

  7. Yeahno, the best Brandy/Tim song is definitely:

    I TRIED.

  8. Who is She to You, I tried, Turn It up...

    I BET!!!!! tht Home is tht James Fauntleroy track!!!!
    the song was the WORST of all the J.F. songs!!!


    i got it off rnbxclusive...

    r they reliable????

  10. Some people said it flopped based on sales,but music wise it was great everybody including Tim gave her their best.

  11. Aayize when it comes to music yes they are very reliable!

    However, I don't think this is a Timbo track. We're still researching it though. Stay tuned!

    Hot track

  12. NODDING OFF OF COURSE!! and i tried... sickest tracks from the brandy./ timbo era...

  13. hey there was just surfin the net and found this site haha i know prob already seen it but yer got a few samples from timbaland check it out

  14. NODDING OFF is not just my favorite Brandy/Timbaland collab, it's probably my favorite Brandy joint period. I can't believe they only made it a Japanese bonus track!


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