Thursday, September 25, 2008

J Roc and Chris Cornell give us the blues

A hidden track off of Chris Cornell's Scream album has recently been discovered on his imeem page. What should be a single 4:00 minute "Watch Out" track has become two 4:00 minute songs? Yep it's true, check it out:

Watch Out - Chris Cornell

Now that's the Chris Cornell we all know and love. His voice is incredible! So how did this mysterious track just randomly appear out of nowhere? Let Chris tell you via his myspace:

If someone was smart enough to find "Two Drink Minimum," bravo!

It was mastered with the rest of the album and was meant to be a hidden track. I thought I was the only one who got it but obviously I was wrong.

It's amazing to me how hard the record business tries to keep songs from leaking and then puts out "Watch Out." a song three minutes long with an eight minute file and doesn't notice!
Oh well. I wrote that song at about 6:00 am to an organ melody played by Jerome Harmon. He's the guy playing the super sick Hammond B3 on it. I sang it when the sun was coming up about 10 feet from the mic. Just screaming it in the room. If you listen closely, you will hear papers rattling. May you all find your bliss "As hope and promise fade." C

If you ever wondered what J Roc brings to the House that Timbo built now you know! Big shout out to Stacey over at the Chris Cornell boards.


  1. this is sick!!!!!

    j roc has some skills. i would bump this in my whip hard.

  2. that was so good.... out shined anything that tim did for him so far

  3. I must admit this does make the songs Tim has done, sound so generic. I don't think the stuff Tim and Cornell have done is strong enough to blow over any Tim or Chris Cornell fans, or to win over many.
    I think I wouldve preferred if Tim just remixed one of Cornell's albums like Chris' brother had suggested

  4. It's nice I still want to hear Part of Me it sounds dope I still like Ground Zero.

  5. so is this produced by tim??????
    thx 4 da answer!

  6. watch out is but the second track is produced by jim beanz... read the post for details

  7. Is it me or «Watch Out» sound like «Glow» by Nelly furtado especially the electric Guitar...


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