Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Danja in Remix

Check out this new interview with Danja where he talks about his up and coming projects, what equipment he uses, and his new signee KC:

“Sometimes [artists] will come for a particular sound that I had on a previous track and want to duplicate that same energy. But instead, I try to do what they should be doing, not what I already did,” he explains of tailoring his sound for different acts. “I do what matches them, matches their voice, what type of fans they relate to. I never try to take you out of your zone; I craft around the artist.”

With that being said, a good craftsman always depends on his trusty tools. For Danja, those mainly consist of his iMac with Logic and his ever-present MPC4000. “The MPC is always going to be the brains of the operation. That's what makes the beats knock like they're supposed to.” But this bare-minimum setup hasn't always been his core setup. Having upgraded nearly everything from his software to his hardware, he recently did away with a grand production scheme that he had built, only to go back to the basics. It's further evidence of the reinvention process that is a constant for both the man himself and his sound.

“There was a point when I just kept buying keyboards, every time I saw one. I had 13 keyboards all around me at once and my laptop going into a 24-channel mixer, going into an MPC,” he says. “I had mad keys: I had a Virus TI, a Motif, a few different Rolands…one was a [V-Synth] GT and a Fantom. It was crazy.”

“I like that cinematic sound,” he says. “I got a couple of tracks on Britney's [upcoming album] that sound like action sequences from The Mummy 3 [Tomb of the Dragon Emperor] or something, just bits and pieces of horn hits that make it sound dramatic. Long before I even knew what I was doing, I would have women tell me, ‘This is sexy.’ I'm in tune with certain chords that make you feel a certain way. I know how to grab your emotions. I know what to play in whatever order to bring those feelings forth. This is a universal language. I'm learning how to capture those feelings and inject them into my music. I'm learning how to make you feel what I feel.”

Akai MPC4000 sampler
Alesis Andromeda A6 synth
Apple iMac computer with Logic 8
Apogee Duet interface
Augspurger mains
Digidesign Pro Tools
Korg Triton synth
Line 6 amps
Solid State Logic SL 9000 J console
KRK V8 monitors
Yamaha Motif synth, NS10 monitors

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So "Work" is Ciara's first single? That makes sense why we got the leak already. Danja's tracks on Britney's album will be "way harder than Blackout" that has me interested. And I look froward to what KC and Danja come up with because you know Danja will give his first artist his best work to date.....right?


  1. This was a nice read. Speaking of Danja's "electric vibe" on the guitar, here's a new track I think is by him (it has all the makings of a Danja track [this diagnosis is coming from your friendly neighborhood Danja-ologist... props to bluri])

    Melrose - "Ever"

  2. Ciara's first single is the craptacular go girl

  3. Nice equipment list, Standard for top producers.

  4. The way he thinks about music, is kind of similar to mine.

    Great read, read this back at another site.

  5. KC isn't Danja's first artist, though. Don't forget, Crown Life Enetertainment has been around for a minute.

  6. Really Ciara? Go Girl? Really? The finished version of "Work" was so damn good. It was so "tranny fierce", as some would say.


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