Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Timbaland Fashion Rocks 2008 (High Quality Video)

Last year Timbaland, Keri Hilson, D.O.E, and Sebastian held it down at the Fashion Rocks show and this year Timbo was back again with One Republic, Chris Cornell, and The Pussycat Dolls. Check it out:

Notice Timbo shouting out J Roc at the beginning, Chris Cornell looks bored as hell, and check the Timbo remix of the Pussycat Dolls' "When I Grow Up"!


  1. Very nice performance,but where is chris??

  2. dat beat around 2.40 is crazy where he uses his classic sharp sounding snare

  3. he makes shadow at darkchild lol. I want a better video ao the performance !

  4. whats tht song at the beginning??????
    is it new????

  5. aayize, thaths just an intro from the show !!!

  6. The intro to When I Grow Up (and the "new" beat) were CRAZY. I like it.I'm looking out for the new Dolls/Timbaland work.

  7. - HQ video

  8. Tim is getting really good at producing these live shows.

    He needs to gather up MMG and do a tour where he controls the entire show like the Wizard of Oz. Obviously, Nelly, One Rep, etc. will play their hits but with a lot of Tim remixes and interludes in between.

    Who wouldn't pay to see that?

  9. erm now da part i lyk is at around 2.14, the intro for scream and realised wid the HQ version its jus team beatboxing lol, it stil rocks though

  10. This was pretty amazing!!! Love the performances!!!

    TIMBO The KING!!!

    PS. Chris Cornell was lazy as fuck wit it though! PussyCatDolls suprised me. I have just alil more repect for them now. lol

  11. hey guys new ciara danja song echo
    ****annoying dj over it but u can still hear the song*** Ed

  12. ok i thought the only decent part of the set was the dolls. chris cornell was the worst ever. if i didnt know better, i would guess he was strung out but i know he dont do drugs so maybe nervous or something? he was just wacj straight up! one republic was their usual, fine. tim needs to step up his game with the live stuff if you ask me. black eyed peas following him only made him look worse. they did a cover and still killed it. now theirs was a performance. timbo better raise his game, if it werent for the pussycat dolls his thing would have sucked basically. good thing he signed them to his lable

  13. Chris is like "I wonder what is for dinner?"... the whole show!

    He was going down his mental list:

    ... im performing... shyt!!!!


  14. ohhh... anyone know why J boogie blocked me from contacting him on MySpace?

    WTF? LOL

    Yall heard the new Danja track he has with Casely?

  15. LMAO @ venture

    hmmm i think chris cornell is just kinda like not used to performing by himself usually he has a band or somethin with him so hes all out there alone doing a style that he has never done before must be awkward i freakin loved the new style of the when i grow up song its way better than the original chris needs to get his shit together we've only got 34 days to his and keri's album! wth! Someone needs to start generating some heat momentum!

  16. This comment is for the person who calls themself "batsheva". I think Timbo did a really good job on doing the live thang. Why don't you get out there and see if you can do better . If your not a fan of the the guy don't hate on him not on his own site. Timbo Da King!!!!!!!!

  17. Wow... john-nie... you ok? Leave Bat Shiva god of the buddhist bats alone. He was just saying he thinks Tim needs to be more energetic on stage.

    *crosses fingers*

    Yah... "Crush" is pretty good! :)

  18. that crush track is alright we've heard the beat before though.

    new ciara 'echo' is ok but definitely a recycled kinda beat from danja - nothing new there.

    however that timbaland version of the pussycat dolls sounds damn good! need a leak of that one...

  19. Woah wait a minute. PCD is signed to mosley?!?!

  20. Why does PCD sound like a "drug" to me? lol

    PCP - Angel Dust
    LSD - Acid
    and now...Aye, I got the PCD homie. A mix of both. Get Me! LMAO

  21. Anyone got the PCD remix? That shyte is crazy.

  22. It’s time to change my style/My rhythm, my ism, my prism, my beat mannerism.


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