Saturday, September 27, 2008

October 7 Keri "Returns The Favor"

Along with "Turnin' Me On" featuring Lil' Wayne, Keri Hilson will also release Timbo's "Return The Favor" as a double A side on October 7 via iTunes. Honestly I think she should have released "Love Ya" or "Where Did You Go" as a dope B side since we all know (and love) both tracks.

Props to Rap Up on the cover.


  1. I don't like return the favour or turnin me on. She needs to release a real banger to make a big impact.

    I used to think that she was some competition for beyonce but I don't think that either of these songs will make a big penetration like beyonces singles. Even beyonces poppy stuff was at least catchy.

    Turning me on isn't a poppy track seems quite hood so i don't understand why she don't release one of her timbo bangers instead.

  2. ideal track listing

    2)return the favor
    3)your covers blown


  3. Your cover's blown should've been the lead single. WHY ARE THEY HOLDING ON TO THAT SONG?!

  4. I can't believe they're still going along with all these tracks. You would think if Keri and the team knows that alot of tracks have leaked on to the net, that they would know the feedback isn't the best. She should just do a Lil Wayne, and scrap all the leaked tracks, call Energy a buzz-single, and release the album early next year. It's possible to do it that quick and I think needed - you onlu have to look where Energy has gotten.

  5. I agree, while I do like most of these songs none are as song as her features on The Way I are, After Love, or Miscommunication. She should release Do it, it's the best track that has leaked.

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  7. ok time to drop some hate on this single. very dissapointing for a timbaland production, i'd say it still sounds extremely unfinished.

    if nelly furtado's 'promiscuous' and tim's 'the way i are' both get 9/10 in terms of innovative sound and single appeal this scores 2/10 in comparison. rubbish!

  8. i like return the favor, sorry haters.

    oh and it shouldn't be compared to promiscuous or the way i are... they all have a different flavor.

  9. oh i forgot to mention... like venture said, yep this looks like it's gonna be a total flop.


  10. i think its fair to compare this to those other tracks in terms of its potential appeal as a single and how innovative the production is.

    it might take off but i'd rate it as weak using those criteria. too airy and no real bounce or catchy rhythm as you'd expect from tim...

  11. I'm not big fan of either track, but all the girls that have heard these Keri tracks are all lovin TURNIN ME ON. Makes em wanna shake they ass. I smell a hit.

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  14. It's too little too late. "Do it" should've been the first single and it should've dropped when "The way I are" was tearing up charts and had Keri's name RIGHT out there.

  15. I think that these people in the industry do not have a CLUE!! I have heard so many clutch written tracks that I think should have been bangers but have been shelved and not released:

    Nikki Flores: *Beautiful Boy

    Usher: *Traffic

    Keri Hilson: *High heels
    *Love ya
    *Come clean

    One chance: *Rider like me

    Chapter 4: *2 piece juicy

    And with Keri I don't know what is going on we all know she has better songs out there so why are they releasing the rubbish???

  16. What's up with the NASA font on the single cover? It's out of place. You'd think that they'd be pushing Keri from a stylistic angle as well as from a musical one. As of right now, everything Keri is falling flat. Even D.O.E. got a new MySpace. It's time for Mosley, Zone 4, and Interscope to get their minds right (too little too late, if you ask me).

    I'd say I foresee another Kiley Dean, if it weren't for the fact taht Keri probably has more groupies (unfortunately).


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