Monday, September 22, 2008

Timbaland gets sampled (Part 3)

Even the Ukraine got love for Timbo:

Track is from 2002. I wonder if they heard the interview where Timbaland said "Can We" was his favorite track he's ever created.

"...muzzza fuckaaa..."


  1. Hilarious, that shit is so off the wall...I cant stop playin it!!
    nah, i'll prolly turn it off soon, but nice to hear Timbo gettin sampled like that.

  2. best part of song is the intro...

    beat is def tight classic 90's but i wish they would of incorporated the intro dark strings (what movie or piece is that from?) in2 the the key and matched up the keys... then things start 2 get interesting...

  3. Man the can we beat is amazing one of my fav timbo beats,

  4. I've never seen that Timbaland interview. Where can I see it muzza fukka??


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