Friday, September 12, 2008

Jennifer Hudson "Pocketbook" F/ Ludacris (Full)

....and just like that we have the full check it out:

J Hud F/ Luda "Pocketbook"

The track is hot and the vocal production is ridiculous but that's to be expected with Jim Beanz AND Candice Nelson working together. It doesn't get much better than that. People have been asking if it's also a Timbo track well take a listen to the whisper at the beginning: "Jim Beanz Timbo collabo." Jim Beanz is the producer but don't be surprised if you see Timbaland's name listed as well.

Thanks again to Buddha!


  1. The track is SICK, i like the retro TIM BEATBOX, it reminds me of track Aaliyah would be on.

  2. And I ask... where is the melody?

    This sounds too much like "No Sex For Ben"...

    The beatbox is nice... but... it gets tiring very quick when it has not melody...

    They couldn't add some acoustic drums, some soulful brass, sax, etc...

    Man... Danja should of helped... dude that produce for Amy W. should of collabed with this... it would of been better.

    This should of been a Luda track... once again... Luda saves a track again...

  3. Once again , DOWNLOAD LINK
    Brought to you by "the chief" El Jefe

  4. i found this !!!! its kindda better sounding right !! take a peek

  5. Danja in the studio with Ciara, the last track doesn't sound like Echo or Work...and Work master sounds way better than the Demo...Clutch on here 2.

  6. the final version is even nicer.

  7. Sham Wow so dope.... greatest thing I've heard in months....dope harmonies Im speechless

    her swag is spilling over all on this track

  8. i am not feeling this a lil bit. The whole beat is lacking so much, that beatboxing doesn't impress me. If there would be no JH or Luda, I would even go that far and say this sucks hard...


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