Friday, September 19, 2008

Who's Next? Keri Hilson

Check at around 45 seconds into the video,sounds like we got a new song from Keri.


  1. Oh my goodness I was hoping that that turn off song was getting the scrap lol!!! Its sounds like the product of a bad studio session where she either was suffering from a seriouse hangover or she had some sort of virus that was killing the vibe between her and polow.

    That turn off beat is awful I am not sure about polow and his producing capabilities. I think the best track I have heard from him is I15 lost in love.

    I remember when everyone thought that slow dance was one of his beats I was convinced given the quality of slow dance that he had no hand in producing that track.

    When/if Keri blows up she should go into the studio with ryan leslie. I really rate him, really talented producer hope he explodes.

  2. thank you!! sheesh at least someone listens lool

  3. Sounds like the new track might be "How Does It Feel"

  4. Also, R-Les is a fantastic producer. And one of the few that lets you into his studio to watch how he crafts his beats.

  5. first.... slow dance is my jam!!!! and i cant wait for the album but i must say... i thought the whole camp was gonna come harder cuz what i have heard already... only 1 or 2 songs have really made me listen and shut up.... but that's better than nothing... i hope i choke on my words and this album just blows me away

  6. Did I mention that I love Keri Hilson...IN LOVE. That's about all I gotta say right now, lmao.


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