Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ireland college gives Timbaland it's highest honor

For the last 300 years, yes I said 300, the Philosophical Society of Dublin's prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland has chosen an elite group of individuals to carry on it's time honored traditions. This year, Timbaland has been chosen as one of the inductees into this exclusive society. "Timbaland is a remarkable individual whose contribution to music is simply astonishing," said Philosophical Society president Barry Devlin. "He is the most sought after producer on the planet, and why wouldn't he be. He has produced an impossibly large number of hits. It is a real honor for us to host such an accomplished musician. The [members of the] Society are very much looking forward to Timbaland's arrival."

Since 1684 this highest award of the Society has been bestowed to various people from all walks of life, from Bono to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and now you can add Timbaland to that elite list.

Congratulations Timmy!


  1. yayayayayyayayayayay!!

  2. wow thats crazy!
    but i somehow feel like danja should get some credit as well....

  3. aayize, I disagree. Tim is being honored for his career as a whole. Danja hasn't nearly contributed as much to the music industry as Tim has.

    Congrats Tim!


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