Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chronicles Interview: Kevin Rudolf

Timbaland is a genius without a doubt. He knows his strengths (drums) and he knows his weaknesses (the keys, guitar) and he's always been able to gather an amazing collection of musicians and producers throughout his entire career that play to those strengths and weaknesses. What drums he couldn't create via machine, he had say Nisan Stewart play live, what piano melodies he couldn't create himself he had say Hannon or Danja play them, and in the end, it isn't about who created this sound or this melody or who is credited for playing what, it's about music and the love and spontaneity of creating it.

One such weakness, if you will, of Timbo's has been the guitar. Bill Pettaway, an accomplished guitar player and long time associate of the Timbaland crew, was rolling with Tim since the early days so if Tim ever needed a guitar hook or melody what he couldn't sample he had Bill play. Then there's also been Darryl Pearson, from DeVante's Swing Mob, who has also had multiple guitar credits with Timbaland throughout his entire career from Sista to Justin Timberlake. Yet if you have taken notice to additional guitar credits throughout the years, you've noticed another and just as accomplished guitar player appear throughout various liner notes, that of Kevin Rudolf.

That's Kevin Rudolf on Black Eyed Peas "My Style", that's Rudolf on Justin Timberlake's "Good Foot", and LL Cool J "Can't Explain It" and Mya's "Step" and many, many others. Rudolf has been working with Timbaland on and off over the last 5 years adding his special touch and sound to a broad range of Timmy productions.

But don't think that's all Kevin Rudolf is known for, no not hardly. He's also a talented singer, writer, and lethal on the production boards. He's also no stranger to the industry having had his share of label experiences. I was fortunate to get some time with Kevin to talk about his working with Timbaland and his up coming album on Cash Money. Check out:

J Boogie's Interview with Kevin Rudolf

And make sure to check out Kevin's myspace page to hear his new single "Let It Rock" featuring Lil' Wayne and produced by Kevin Rudolf!


  1. Interesting... this is a guy I'm gonna keep my eye on. Nice interview, Boogie

  2. Great interview Boogie...Much success to Kevin,all those people were major contributers to tims success I think he would be the one of the first to acknowledge it.

  3. wow everyone works with timbaland these days

  4. just wanna start off saying how do u contact thomas crown chronicles so we can send links and stuff to them??? Ground Zero is avaliable on amazon on september 9th:

  5. His albums REALLY good. Im impressed. WHat cornells album should have sounded like.


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