Monday, September 15, 2008

Keri Hilson speaks on leaks

The folks over at Rap Up talked with Keri about her feelings on all of the leaks from her new album:


  1. I wish the hits didn't leak either, "Where did he go","Slow dance", "Love ya", "Come clean", "Mic Check" were all potential hits.

  2. Aww bless her, I would rather have waited for all the tracks and for it to get released officially instead of this shit, now it might not get released! :(

    P.S. For once that interviewer actually asked decent questions! Normally they ask shit like "what's your favourite food?" :S

  3. if she doesn't have a single that's as good and blows up like nelly's 'promiscuous' then tim has really let her down. seems like she is getting 2nd rate tracks from tim or maybe its the DANJA connection ;]

    i haven't heard any truly banging tracks from her album that would be massive as singles yet...

  4. Tim should of used those PCD beats for keri.

  5. I feel kinda...

    I don't know...

    They know who leaking this mediocre stuff though. Someone within the label is doing it... always.

    I need to send her some tracks.


    I think they need to scrap and rework the album though... it is ok to wait next Summer.

  6. just to let yall know, Dj freestyle steve on his myspace message stated hes goin to put on his music player, the full version of TALK THAT, WITH THE MISSY VERSE..SOMETIME THIS WEEK. I HOPE ITS REAL SOON

  7. I cant wait to hear it now....she compared it to thriller


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