Saturday, September 20, 2008

Madonna preps "Miles Away" and what's really behind "Voices"

Madonna's official 3rd single in Europe will be "Miles Away" being released mid-October though some countries have already added the song to their radio playlists including The Netherlands where the track has gone to the top of the charts already. There's no confirmation what the 3rd single will be in the U.S. though "Miles Away" and "Beat Goes On" are both possibilities.

Just like "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", another track off the album, "Voices", has actually gone through quite a transformation from it's current Timbaland, Danja, Justin Timberlake, & Hannon produced version compared to it's early demo version titled "Is This Love (Bon D' Accord)" produced by long time Madonna producer Mirwais Ahmadzai for the scrapped 2005 musical "Hello Suckers!"

"Is This Love (Bon D' Accord)"

A beautiful track for the guitar alone. I wonder if Tim and the team heard this original demo or just went with a brand new track from scratch. One version of the the track they definitely heard is the orchestral version of "Voices", take a listen:

So did Tim produce the orchestral version as well or was it case as with One Repulbic's "Apologize" where Tim and Co. just added a beat. Interesting...

Last but not least, we told you about some of Madonna's Timbo tracks she is performing on her Sticky & Sweet Tour including a version of "Vogue" with elements of Tim's "Give It 2 Me" and "4 Minutes" and Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" and now it's surface check it out:

Madonna "Vogue" (Sticky & Sweet Tour Version)

So will we ever hear the track "La La" that Timbaland compared to Bubba Sparxxx's "Ugly"? Let's hope on Shock Value II!

Big props to Simon!


  1. Wow... Is This Love is really, really beautiful. It makes me wanna go drink coffee in my small, french apartment that overlooks the eiffel tower, while glancing disdainfully at my hipster girlfriend. Lmao...

  2. I think they just added a beat on top of "Voices"... if any of them could make songs like that, they'd do it more often, believe you me.

  3. Yeah, I could beleive that theory. Timbo & Co haven't been pumping out the most "epic" songs (like Voies) lately. Someone outside of the camp had to have built the foundation of that song.

  4. off topic: ok timbalands myspace just put up a bulletin about the mobile only album and its for flycell umm...i tried it and then nothing so yeaa...anyone know about this? i thought it was for verizon only?

  5. I still need to hear the "Devil" transformation... I missed out on that earlier.

  6. LOVE the orchestral version..

    i remixed it already.. its on my page

  7. Jim Beanz

    Does anyone know if the danja produced track "Bore me(yawn)" by Fantasia features Jim Beanz? The track has this guy singing a verse near the end and on wiki it does not state who it is.

  8. I wonder what the deal is with "Voices". If all they did was add the beats, then I'm wondering why it took Danja, Timbaland and Hannon Lane too ALL just add a drum pattern. It's mad because I always thought the song was done from scratch and that Danja pretty much did most of it himself, as the song had a similar vamped out vibe to "Tricked out" from Red carpet massacre. But then again, the orchestral version sounds like something the likes of Confessions on a dancefloor contributers would've done anyway. Hmmm...interesting...

    I didn't realize how much Justin's vocals added to the track. The chorus sounds empty without him.

    It was nice listening to the song in it's stripped down form though, the drums sound like overkill and clip sometimes. Even when I listen to it off the CD.

  9. Wow thanks for these J, I hope to GOD they didn't just add the drums to this, as I gave Timbo and Co the best tracks award over Pharrell for this album based solely on this and "Devil"'s fantastic epic sound. I will NOT be impressed if they just added drums and JT's vocals to an already fanastic song. This is my favourite song from "Hard Candy" by far still, "Devil" coming a close second.

    And duge_buwembo no one knows that guy on "Bore Me" is but I have it listed as Beanz as he co-wrote the track and it can't be the other co-writers - Balewa has a really soft tone and I know its not him and Candice is a girl! Even the booklet (I have the album) doesn't say anything - so annoying! Think its safe to assume its Beanz though.

  10. Beanz IS capable of changing his range... so, maybe.

    But, I'd definitely put "Devil" at the top of my list for songs from Madonna's album... "Miles Away" being a close second, and then "Voices"

    but this new revelation about "Voices" is kinda disappointing. only kinda, I'm still gonna play it.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow! "Devil"'s getting a lot of love here. I thought the song was whack. It was a knock off of what Tim had done at least on 3 prior productions and then re-hashed again for the Pussycat dolls "Halo".

    I still think Pharrell did the damn thing over camp Timbo. I bump "Heartbeat" and "Incredible" so much it's stupid. I also love "Beat goes on" (the original leaked version, not the album one). In the camp Timbo stakes, I have to say that "Miles away" is the best of what they did. That song is amazing and should've been released much sooner. With "Devil" coming in second.

    I do hope camp Timbo didn't just add drums, because if they did - that shit is MAD lazy. And again, I have to raise eyebrows at Timbaland, Hannon Lane and Danja getting production credits for doing so. Surely it doesn't take 3 people to sequence some drums.


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