Sunday, September 7, 2008

When Danja Interpolates

Could it be possible? Danja interpolating? Even sampling? Of course it is! Though he doesn't sample/interpolate often he definitely does. (check Biggie's "Whatchu Want"). On his recent production with Donnie J, "Catch My Breath" check the very beginning:

Sound familiar? Even a little?

Probably not but for some of you it might. The original track comes from the UK Band The Veils. Specifically their critically acclaimed debut album The Runaway Found. Here watch the video:

Where as Timbaland has been heavily influenced by funk, african, and indian music (and I'm sure Danja has to), Danja is heavily influeneced by rock. Great find my Don Silver!


  1. This is why Danja was a beast on Duran Duran's album, and why HE should have worked with Chris Cornell... my two cents.

  2. i agree with you completely frederick.

  3. yes there is a similarity, but how are we sure that it was this song that he was inspired by? just asking........ i am not trying to be difficult.

  4. I totally disagree about Danja workin w/ Duran 1st of all he did contribute on that last effort but neither Tim nor Danja knew how 2 make it work w/ a band thats older than most ppl who r on this blog... u kno who did most the work? the engineer b/c w/ bands u ain't really getting a break.. (according 2
    as far as this being an interpolation its a far stretch 4 me b/c chords aren't same its just a rock moody 6/8 thing and i could show u several songs that have this kinda laid back vibe... in rock production pros use similar feels tempos chords moods and nobody's callin it interpolation or biting just as long as u don't use the same exactly melody or worse melody and lyrics... 4 me this was vaguely influenced by Kiss of a Rose by Seal... and its interesting work showing sum nice range 2 Danja's credit...

  5. "u kno who did most the work? the engineer b/c w/ bands u ain't really getting a break.. (according 2"

    lol I was just seein how far i could push the Danja angle. between this song and "Showtime", it's clear he needs to find a talented singer/songwriter and do some work!

  6. first of all i wanna say the veils is a great band and lavinia is in my top 10 fav songs of all time. don't sleep on them.

    second, no. if anything, like miim said above it's much more similar to Kiss of a Rose...i'm curious as to who "noticed" the interpolation.


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