Monday, September 22, 2008

Timbaland Presents: The Fall of John D.O.E the RISe of D.O.E

D.O.E has been real quiet lately but the dude never sleeps. Nope rather he's been busy in the studio creating his newest mixtape The Fall of John D.O.E the RISe of D.O.E which is available FREE on D.O.E's new website Go check it out!

Download The Fall of John D.O.E the RISe of D.O.E FREE

One track off the album that D.O.E previewed for Timbaland in the studio is the #9 DJ Jock produced track called "Apple Juice":

Make sure to check out the Danja produced track "The Fall"

And to see how far D.O.E has come check out his video from WAY back:

It's D O E bitch!

Correction:: "Coming Down" is produced by Let's Go To War


  1. definitely a WTF at "Coming Down"... how far is that gonna get as a single???

  2. i really like DOE, and this mixtape is quite good. I really like the sound of the new single, dunno how it relates to 'Way I Are' but yeah......

    Does anyone have links to (or could upload)
    Czar's Timbaland Sample Mix Vol 5, 6 and 7

    Does anybody know the the tracklisting for Czar's Sample mixes ?

    I'm really puzzled by several.
    Especially Ut Ho Bubba Sparxxx


  4. WHOA @ Coming Down! HAHA this sounds epic, this will definately be huge in Europe and the clubs

  5. even if this flops as a single, it just proves that Danja has the capabilities to provide a song that could work for Keri......... yea i said it lol........ I aint a big DOE fan, but i could hear keri on this easily, and it would work much better than what she did with polow so far.

  6. So I guess I'm the only one that finds him really average.
    Timbo needs to spend more time with Attitude, not this fella.

  7. "Coming Down" is produced by Let's Go To War

  8. but that other track is still Danja, right?


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