Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preview Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination

We've been talking alot about their album and now we have a preivew of the entire 18 track project. Here is:

Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination

So based on our tracklist we posted before with some added additions we have:

1. When I Grow Up (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
2. Bottle Pop F/ Snoop Dogg
3. Whatcha Think About That F/ Missy Elliott (produced by Polow Da Don)
4. I Hate This Part
5. Taking Over The World (produced by Chase'N'Cashe)
6. Out Of This Club F/ R. Kelly (produced by Polow)
7. Who's Gonna Love You (produced by Polow)
8. Love Gun (produced by Cee Lo)
9. Magic (produced by Timbaland and J Roc)
10. Halo (produced by Timbaland and J Roc, written by The Clutch)
11. In Person (produced by Timbaland and J Roc, written by The Clutch)
12. Elevator
13. Hush Hush
14. Love The Way You Love Me (produced by Chase'N'Cashe)
15. Whatchamacallit (produced by Timbaland and J Roc, written by The Clutch)
16. I'm Done
17. Baby Love
18. ?

"Halo" sounds the most promising of all the Timbo tracks in my opinion. It's very similar to Jamie Foxx "Can I Take U Home" and they weren't kidding about the vibe for "In Person" though Nicole seems to be yelling more than anything. I'm not overly impressed with the Timbo tracks but then again these are just snippets so I'll wait for the full album to decide. Props to Luke on the link.


  1. Full tracklist:

    Disc 1
    1. When I Grow Up [4:07]
    2. Featuring Snoop Dog - Bottle Pop [3:32]
    3. Featuring Missy Elliot - Whatcha Think About That [3:55]
    4. I Hate This Part [3:45]
    5. Takin' Over The World [3:35]
    6. Out Of This Club [4:10]
    7. Who's Gonna Love You [4:01]
    8. Happily Never After [4:50]
    9. Magic [3:43]
    10. Halo [5:24]
    11. In Person [3:42]
    12. Elevator [3:44]
    13. Hush Hush [3:49]
    14. Love The Way You Love Me [3:21]
    15. Whatchamacallit [4:28]
    16. I'm Done [3:21]
    Disc 2
    1. If I Was A Man [3:31]
    2. Space [3:08]
    3. Don't Wanna Fall In Love [3:21]
    4. Played [3:20]
    5. Until U Love U [3:39]
    6. Featuring New Kids On The Block - Lights, Camera, Action [3:46]
    7. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps [2:14]

  2. hmmm i like ...
    i hate this part
    taking over the world
    out of this club*
    whos gonna love you*

    MAGIC!!! (oh my god i like this alot! its so different yet classic)
    HALO!!! (oooh balady hmmm like a jt song lool)
    IN PERSON!!! (is alright for what it is)
    WHATCHAMACALLIT (is alright as well)

    like the remix of baby love, some of these have to be recycled nicole songs

  3. I like:

    5. Taking Over The World
    9. Magic
    10. Halo
    14. Love The Way You Love Me
    15. Whatchamacallit

    Chase'NCashe is a good producer!
    i never heard about him, he's a new producer?

  4. He frequently posts on they got some hot tracks.

  5. Fabio, he's under Polow along with Hit Boy. They are called Surf Club.

    Check this beat they did for Diddy:

    That beat is insane!

  6. Chase is nice. He drops by over at FP a lot.

    Doing big things...

    let me listen to this shit before frederick cries...

  7. Ok... no crying yet...

    So the snippets sound good... my personal favorite so far is "Elevator".

    Chase did good.

    Why did they put so much adhesiveness on Tim and JRoc's tracks? Some spreading would've been better, but maybe they wanted that order...

    Hush Hush sounds like another B. Cox joint... probably wrong though...

    I'm so dedicated to this shit baby... LMAO

  8. 7. Who's Gonna Love You (produced by Polow)

    only track I'm actually looking forward to. Tim & JRoc... unimpressive. then again these are just snippets so I'll wait for the full album to decide

  9. im really feeling these songs...
    i can allready tell that ima have the timbo songs on repeat on my ipod!!!
    they sound hot as fuk!
    yea im on tims dick i kno....

  10. I'm shocked. Well, not really shocked, but it's sounding like a better pop album than I expected. It's not exactly ground breaking, but it all sounds good, very listenable. LOVING me some cow bell on "In Person". But I agree with Venture; the Tim/J tracks sound very...tight. I think they'd sound better if they were more wild n' loose. Sorry, Rambling, lol.

  11. I like Magic out of the Tim/JRoc tracks.

  12. The whole thing sounds whack to me. As for Tim's tracks, none of them sound all that good. "Physical" should've been included on this. That track actually sounded hot and like it had mad potential.

  13. "Take over The World" - might be the hottest track on that album.

    Shout out to "Chase'N'Cashe"

  14. Chase N. Cashe

    like George W. Bush.


    I remember when the person who runs this site tried to talk shit about me lol.

  15. I run this site and you've never heard me talk shit about you.

  16. Well there was someone running around linking your site talking crazy on

    If It wasn't you I apologize with ease.

    I think dudes name was RattPakk or some shit.

    I appreciate the reception of the music!

  17. Damn, that song is "MAGIC" It´s outta this world.


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