Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Keri "Returns The Favor" a little differenly

Check out Keri's myspace page for the final mastered version of the Timbaland produced "Return The Favor." How do you feel about this new version?

Keri was smart in posting only a snippet since she learned a lesson on ripping a couple years back when both "Love Ya" and "Where Did He Go" were immediately made into downloads only hours after she posted them on her myspace.

Looks like we have our 2nd single! Props to Venture Bro on the info.


  1. It is better, but... the chorus is chopped too much I think.

    I got ta hear it in full first.

  2. Turn Off goes on Itunes 10/7, looks like they might ship 2 singles, they need to cuz either way she is going to flop lol

  3. hmmm im not sure its more flowy as a whole but choppier in the beginning it doesnt have that variance as a whole need to listen to the song as a whole lool :P idk about turn off aka turnin me on...however decide how horny they are lool neways i dont really like it lets hope these two songs gain momentum

  4. the keychange is what is so different about it lool

  5. Keri posted track Turn Off on her YT channel...

  6. its a real shame that Love ya leaked that was a certain hit

  7. i like the beat more....
    but i miss the old chorus....
    the "kiss me and ill kiss you back" part....
    now theres only 3 words in the chorus.....
    its kinda gay...
    but it IS a snippet so ill keep my mind open....


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