Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chris Cornell's "Ground Zero" out Spetember 9

The 2nd single off Chris Cornell's album Scream officially hits stores September 9 accoriding to Amazon.

Has anyone heard "Long Gone" on the radio or anywhere else? Seems a little quick for a second single already.


  1. Well... i like this song. Very much. Can't wait!

    I'm upset that the singles aren't coming with instrumentals added, though.

  2. no no no, this must be the first single...
    its impossible for him to have a second single allready!
    there hasnt been any promotion at all, there not selling any of these songs on itunes...
    this is probably the 1st single especially cuz "Long Gone" dosent seem like 1st single material for tim. Maybe for chris but deff not for tim, well for that matter neither is "Energy" so idk... lol!

  3. Maybe 'Long Gone' was the promo single.

  4. I like Ground Zero better anyway

  5. is there even a video of long gone?

  6. ground zero has been used on two commercials already one fora new show on fox i think...or nbc i am not sure and then it was used in a vzw commercial too


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