Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Keri Hilson Interview

Check out this the latest interview that Allhiphop.com did with Keri:

AHHA: What is Timbaland’s work regime like?

Keri Hilson: Well he has a very strange work schedule ya know? When I worked with him, he would come in at like 1 a.m. or 12 a.m., and he wouldn’t get really juicy and creative until like 2, 3 a.m. So we would be there until 10 p.m., we would have to wait until Miami traffic died down or Virginia traffic died down to go back to our hotels. It was crazy, but I was used to doing that. I wasn’t new to that.

It was just strange to see like, “Wow, ya know, this is how Timbaland does it” because like I know other producers. Like Pharell, he likes to go in at 1pm or like 10 in the morning – I think he’s a morning guy actually. And end no later – he’s there in the studio past 10 or 11 o’clock at night.

So it was crazy to use that schedule, but working with Timbaland is very inspiring. It continues to inspire me. It really taught me that you don’t have to set yourself into this spot, you can really do what you feel is hot. Do what you like to do. I got my real “no holds barred” attitude from Timbaland, and I thank him for some of the hits to my credit because of that.

AHHA: Let’s talk about the album In a Perfect World some more. Is "Henny & Apple Juice" gonna be on the album?

Keri Hilson: Probably not. It could be like an interlude, but yeah, I don't think it's gonna make the cut because we have so many records…so many hot records.

AHHA: What about some of the others songs that are on the album?

Keri Hilson: There is a song "Where Did He Go" that kinda did its thing as well. It was the actually the song that got me my deal. It was the song that L.A. Reid heard, that Clive Davis heard, Jimmy Iovine, that all these labels have heard. It's the song that got me my deal basically. It was the second song I ever did with Timbaland, the same day I met him – or sorry the second night we worked. And ya know, it was amazing. It was amazing. First day offered, second night I worked with him on that song.

AHHA: Any other producers on the album?

Keri Hilson: Yeah, a couple others. I worked with a 19 year-old from – well he was 19. He's probably 20 or 21 now. His name is Corey Bolds, that’s Timbaland’s protégé. Of course Timbaland knows my situation – it's a joint label venture between Timbaland and Polow at Interscope. Ya know, it's majority Timbaland and Polow. And Danja to the third majority. But Corey Bolds, The Runaways produced the first single, and I believe that's it. Didn't wanna do a collection of all hot producers, ya know? Where there was no definitive sound. I really wanted to define Keri Hilson – my sound, my personality, my likeness – all of that. And I believe we really did that.

Finally an interview that asks more than "talk about your first single" and "what does it feel like to go from a writer to a performer?" I was starting to get bored with all the same questions and answers but this interview gets some of the information we've been waiting for.

So no "Henny & Apple Juice", yes on "Where Did He Go?", and something that made me go huh?: "Corey Bolds" is Timbaland's protégé? That's news to me. Props to Big A on the link.


  1. ive never heard anything thats mind blowing never alone anything that would make "timbaland protege"

  2. I am so glad she scratched Henny and Apple juice off the list!!!:)

  3. Cory Bold used to live on the old Beat Club Forum way back in the day. I remember when he got his first major placement with Omarions' album.

  4. Is "Where Did He Go" the song that Aaliyah & Missy did?

  5. Return the favor version 2:

  6. I hate it when artists say they "won't have room" for a song and then release a 50 mins long CD! WTF?!

  7. Also what happened to the hook of Return the Favor? HEY HEY! What? for a song writer I expect alot more than a 5 word hook, it's kinda embarrassing.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The nigga "COREY BOLDS" is sick!!! - he's def a Protege' of Tim from his sound. Research the kid...he's serious.


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