Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keri Hilson performs "Energy"

Check out the performance:

Keri in the new Chris Brown "Superhuman" music video? Yep:

So what's Keri's next single going to be? My vote is "Mic Check." Props to Steven on the link.


  1. it's sorta annoying. Because I feel like everybody sort of already knows Keri. Like they know she's surrounded by the right people and has the potential, but they're just waiting for her to blow up. I'm not sure if there is anymore she can do for her part right now - I think the producers need to pull their game together.

  2. Not to be annoying but I think the song name is "Superhuman", not "Supernatural" :)

  3. That isn't annoying. You are helping.

    Yes, it is "Superhuman".

  4. I still think that Energy is a weak song keri has better songs on wiki it says that she didn't even write energy the runaways did and it shows. I wonder if she really likes energy i m sure she has a gud ear for music all of the songs that have leaked prior to the release of energy have been better. energy doesn't even sound like her style. At least they could have rewrote that chorus its so basic!!!

    But if it builds support for her then I am all for its success.

  5. hmmm idk i keep hearing more and more about energy i think the buzz is starting to pick up but idk

  6. Hammer thank you, yes it is "Superhuman"


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