Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Chronicles celebrates 2 years!

Welcome to the Thomas Crown Chronicles!

This is the place for the stans, for the conspiracy theorists, for the questionators, and for all those who got love for the genius known as Timbaland. This isn't your average site rather it's a site dedicated to Timbaland producitons past, present, and future and getting the truth about what Timmy has and has not produced.

The Chronicles are only as good as it's writers and that's where all of you come in. If you have some interesting tid bits of info, know any interesting facts on a Timbo production, or simply want to have your say please feel free to comment or send me a write up and I'll make sure it gets posted.

So welcome once again. Get comfortable, get out a pad and paper, and let's talk some Timmy!

I can still remember vividly sitting at my computer typing out that first post 2 years ago looking over the final layout of the blog, a type of website I had just learned about the month prior. I had come up with the idea of starting a blog as a way to share all the Timbaland information, facts, samples, news etc I had dancing around in my head from all the people I had learned from throughout the years. "What am I doing?" I asked myself about 3 or 4 hundred times that day. I didn't (and still don't know) code, I didn't have a set game plan, and I sure didn't know how I was going get people to come to the site. What I did know was I was a longtime fan of Timbaland and I was looking to create a place for others like me to come and talk about the genius of Timbo's music.

2 years later I would have never thought people from every single U.S. state and over 125 countries would stop by to get their daily dose of Timbo and Co. If you question how global music really is just ask the people of The Seychelles or Qatar or Brunei or Palestine and they'll tell you how they too are just as big of Timbaland fans as anyone else.

My thanks goes out to the whole Chronicles team: Big A (who has Timbo tracks we'll never ever hear), Czar (the Timbaland sample master), Roderick (who owns some of the rarest released Timbaland music on earth), and Nick (wait what do you do exactly? ha! j/k), to the Beat Club gang for letting me be your padewan learner for so many years, and last but not least a HUGE thanks to Timbalandchick who paved the way for all of us Timbaland fans.

And as always my gratitude to all the Chronicles readers out there in every country from Uzbekistan to Guadeloupe for their comments, email, and support throughout these 2 years. You make it worth it when I'm up until 4AM on my 19th page of a Google search looking for a that one untouched piece of Timbo news. Happy 2 years ya'll!!!


  1. Congrats man. Always an inspiration.

    Here's to 2 more..

  2. wooo!!! heres to ... i was gonna say 50 but timbaland would be super old and prolly retired hahahaha

  3. haha funnny that my bday is on the 1st as welll happy 2 years members of the chronicles hoping for this blog to get better and better laterz edz

  4. Happy BDay Chronicles. J, Have a drink on me ;)

  5. Congratulations J, for creating a place that isn't like any other music blog out there. (well except mine he he) Somewhere where real music fans can discuss music in detail and be as stan-tastic as they like! Forever grateful!

  6. I stop by or try to every day to here news. Congrats Chronicles keep up the good work.

  7. wowowowowow!
    my day wouldent be the same without checkin the tcc a few times a day!!!!

  8. Congrats to the Thomas Crown Chronicles. Glad this blog was event. It really is a inspiration to aspiring Recording Producers like myself. J Boogie u doing your thing my dude. Keep doing what it do. To the future of Thomas Crown Chronicles!!!

  9. happy belated birthday chronicles...
    keep up the good work J


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