Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Melrose calls on Danja

A new girl trio out of Atlanta, Georgia have called on the production skills of B. Cox, Rodney Jerkins, and our man Danja for their debut album. Check out the short Bio on their myspace page.

"So, who is Melrose? They are the answer to what's missing in R&B. Sure alot of people say that, but the proof is there. Just take a look and have a listen. They've got the look, the voices, the personalities, and the SWAG. First there's Toni from Atlanta...the southern belle who is the Melrose Kitten. Then there's Mylah from the Midwest...the cool girl with edge for days. And there's Kelee from LA...the little diva with the huge voice. Not only singers, these girls are writers, dancers, and performers to their core. With hitmaker Adonis behind them, and heavy hitters like Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, and Danja on the tracks, Melrose is definitely poised to take the R&B game by storm! Don't say we didn't warn you!"

Check the track "Ever" which is produced by Danja although it reminds me a lot of Diddy's "Last Night." Vocally the girls are on point, especially their arrangements which are real smooth. Make sure to keep an eye out to see what else these ladies have in store for us!


  1. theres a vid wit timbo and MIA in the studio at

  2. NY4Life:

  3. i've been on this song since late september... must have played it like 40 times already

    I like how the lyrics and the vocals just meld together so well. another savory song from Danja, i say

  4. Hey, u don't say nothing about these tracks:

    Numba 1 - Kardinal Offishall feat. Keri Hilson
    Kardinal Offishall calls our miss Keri for this!This track have another 2 versions: 1 with the Pussycat Dolls and other featuring Rihanna.

    D.O.E. feat. Keri Hilson (?) - Coming Down (Prod. by Let's Go To War)
    Everybody is noticing that this song features Keri Hilson and there's a singer in the chorus.... Is Miss Keri or not? I just say that this song is firah!!!

    The blog is amazing!!!

  5. Melrose is so smoooth. Danja sounds mellow on this track but I like that!

  6. @renan
    News? Music? Questions? Hit us up:

    did u see this already?? so why do u post non-topic related stuff in the comments? plus we reported already about those tracks...just open your eyes next time please

  7. B.Cox, DarkChild, and Danja. WOW...sounds like a Banger before Broadcast to me!!


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