Monday, October 20, 2008

Keri and Tim Perform at GQ Event

Keri Hilson and Timbaland performed last Wednesday at GQ's Gentlemen's Ball (hosted by GQ Magazine and The Gentlemen's Fund) in New York City. The gala brought a number of celebrities together (Usher, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Nash, and Forest Whitaker) to recognize and help raise money for various charities and organizations that have had a huge effect on issues like the environment, education, mentoriship, and health. Tim and Keri performed "The Way I Are," and the gala also held a silent auction for a private studio tour with Mr. Timothy Mosley himself (every Tim stans' dream). This event definitely gives Keri more publicity, but it's even better that it was for a great cause.

Props to our friends over at for the heads up!


  1. Wow...A studio Tour Tim himself!! O.O

    That would be a dream come true!! Better would be if you could make some Beats with him, too.^^

    Thanks for the info man.


    Last friday in Denver Tim played some new stuff from Shock Value 2!

    Give me props/ Edo

  3. Ok i have just realized the actual relevance of December 9th. And I just realized how ... how it might have possibly been a bad choice for them to set the album to release keri's album on that day. Now 1st off: there are tons of bigger artists releasing their albums on that day such as 50 Cent's "Before I Self Destruct", Ciara's "Fantasy Ride", Brandy's
    "Human" and probably Busta Rhymes's "B.O.M.B."... 2nd: ok all these artists are starting to heat up for the fight ((except Busta he cant seem to get his shit together)) so the point is that its gonna be a hard and difficult challenge for our girl keri to gain enough momentum to take down these bigger artists...i really hope she does or something because we want her album to not only rank high but to also sell a lot of albums. She is the newest and freshest artist out there and if she gets lost in the hype of the other afraid her true beauty might fizzle out and we might have to wait for another keri album to get it across to the listeners just how great she is because afterall, she only gets one first album and we all want it to be special... :S


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