Monday, October 6, 2008

Ryan Leslie "Addiction" F/ Fablous and Keri Hilson

Though the video has Cassie for Ryan Leslie's 2nd single "Addiction", he chose Keri to do the chorus for the radio version of the song check it:

Who do you like better on the track: Cassie or Keri?

Also in another case of the replacements, Kardinall Offishall has replaced Rihanna with Keri for the video version of his song “Numba 1 (Tide is High)” also featuring Akon. The video was recently shot and will be out soon. Keri is everywhere these days but will it translate to her own hit album?


  1. no doubt keri's the better singer, but i think cassie's chorus fit the song better......sorta like how keanu reeves was a better fit to play neo than russel crowe or denzel...

  2. Cassie was better on the track.

  3. The same beat was used for The D.E.Y. who is a group that also worked with Timbaland. Ironically, the song is called Addiction (Remix) and its been out for awhile. The song they did with Timbaland is called Get The Feeling although the collaboration has yet to be confirmed (the sound bites/beatboxing sound like Timbaland). Lyrically, its mostly the same with Ryan singing the parts sung by Elan. Hearing both versions, Ryan should have let Keri do the singing as he doesn't really have a strong enough voice to carry the track. I invite people to check out the D.E.Y.'s version.

  4. hmm well here is the thing about Ryan leslie. He makes these dynamically smooth jams that need a smooth singer who sings a melody not "melodies" and so cassis is better for the song...but keri is far betterthan cassis :D no one can deny that lol

  5. just a question :
    what this shit ?
    The new danja lol ??

  6. They could have treated keris voice to fit the song better. And I am sorry to say but Cassie is so weak I always felt that Ryan has so much talent but he needed to work with somebody that can actually sing.


    not funny enough to be a joke yet i dont think anyone is so oblivious to think this is aesthetically pleasing...


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